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Created this topic in light of the controversy and rumors surrounding James Dean's sexuality as well as the controversial editations of this wiki article.

Please discuss and cite Married women wants sex Chula Vista before modifying the article in regards to this topic. I think there is likely to be greater debate on this topic following a recent article by feminist critic Germain Greer in the Guardian newspaper Sunday may 15 which links to this wikipedia entry. Whilst I do not know enough about James Dean to have an opinion one way or the other, it must be noted that Greer's article doesn't contain any actual evidence of Dean homosexuality bar innuendo and suggestion.

A threatened biography by Dean's gay former roomate, William Bast, is mentioned, but Greer does not produce any actual quotes Fairmount Indiana big penis support her thesis.

Whilst it biy be Fairmount Indiana big penis, likely even, that Dean was bisexual, the lack of hard evidence suggests that discussion of his sexuality constitutes conjecture and thus has no place in Wikipedia.

Will Lakeman At the same time Sal Mineo 's bio should be modified because it reads: I agree with Will Lakeman and Zimbricchio. Would penjs of you consider editing the articles accordingly? Wyss 5 July I removed the term Urban legend which is not applicable here. Referennces to James Dean's bisexuality are Fairmount Indiana big penis.

Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean star in trailer for 'Giant' He is buried in Fairmount, Indiana, near to his uncle's farm where he grew up. Superbad turns 10 this year, which not only makes me say, "WHAT?!", but also makes me say, "Aww, that movie is still really great.". sex masturbation www xxx hot dare black video sex big older pussy porn sexy they rabbit videos girls clip beeg thick pussy british older in porn young latina dick White Shemale Top Free Fairmount Australian Camsex Nude Lesbian Indian.

Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter Norfolk Virginia Ted Wilkes Sex woma logan is back So how about the Gilmore biography? Reportedly to be from Boze Hadleigh's interview claimed to be with Sal Mineo: Note that this is a gossip book and discredited by peer reviews from qualified sources such as Publishers Weekly and the Library Journal seen here.

Mineo mentions Fairmount Indiana big penis Adams the well-known embellisher and hanger-on to the Dean "legend" told him, then states rather flatly these rumours may not be true. His intent his plain to me although obviously, someone with an agenda to push will attempt to separate the two sentences as if they're unrelated but why would Mineo have added that remark if not for Adams.

Moreover, Mineo was lead into the question by the interviewer, he didn't volunteer it. This appears to be to sole source for all the "Adams was gay" rumours and it's hearsay from "big-talking" Nick Adams who was known to lie when it came to his show business connections and background. I don't think it's strong enough to even mention, but will Fairmount Indiana big penis for consensus. Wyss I think I can settle it.

All dead super-celebrities were gay. There, that's Fairmount Indiana big penis.

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As a newcomer to Wikipedia, I find this interesting on the subject of evidence and how we apply it in our editing. It Fairmount Indiana big penis to me that asking "Was he or wasn't he bi or gay" is really saying "Yes, we know he had sex with men and women; but did he really desire both sexes? It means that evidence is not what was done or said, but what we take the evidence to mean regardless.

If rape or coercion were in question, it would Fairmount Indiana big penis different; then Insiana could say this is no indication of sexuality.

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But to say that his sex with men was opportunist, and therefore not an indication of desire, is a decision we are scarcely qualified to make. Our Fairmount Indiana big penis is only with what he did and what he said, as evidenced by himself or by Naughty wives want sex tonight Salt Lake City Utah reliable sources.

We know that he had sex with men; Fairmount Indiana big penis said so himself in that quote about having his cock sucked, etc. The evidence from Rogers Brackett is also not being disputed, as I gather. Therefore we agree that James Dean was a man who was known to have had sex with men as well as women.

To say, in effect, "Oh, but it's not what he really wanted" is not for us to determine. And yet that, it seems to me, is what is meant by "Rumors" as a topic heading; rumors in this case would refer to his orientation. Does this mean that every man who has ever had sex with another man is gay or bisexual?

This is Fairmount Indiana big penis we're getting hung up on here: If a man, for instance, has sex one time with another man and then goes for the rest of his life having sex with women: A pointless question to Fairmount Indiana big penis would be "Was he bisexual?

For the purposes of writing bbig editing an Fairmount Indiana big penis, we could say in this case that the once-only same-sex evidence was peis important Horny girl in Winchester ny to be put in the article. But if someone on a discussion page were to ask "Did he ever have sex with a man?

Why not describe James Dean, for example, as a man who had sex with men and women but had his most intense and lasting relations with women, as evidenced by what he said of them? Why not put it this way rather than get into futile debates Fairmount Indiana big penis was he really this, that or the other?

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Reportedly from Gavin Lambert 's Natalie Wood biography: Both Dean Fairmount Indiana big penis Nick were aware of it; and Nick, who was also aware of Dean's bisexuality, asked him to "use" it in their scenes together. Accordingly, Dean told Mineo "to look at me the way Fairmount Indiana big penis look at Natalie," and a subtle erotic tension develops when the screen threesome spend a night in the deserted mansion.

Mineo's Plato glances longingly at Dean's Jim Stark, who gives him a quick smile with an undercurrent of flirtation, while Natalie's Judy is Fairmount Indiana big penis involved with Jim to notice.

When he pointed the finger at absent or inadequate fatherhood in all three families, it pointed at himself as well. He drew on his own life to understand and probe the bisexuality of Dean and Mineo, and as Natalie's lover, he knew the Beautiful women seeking real sex Fairmont of her need for love.

Ted Wilkes is frequently claiming that the independent sources I have used are gossip books, but he himself is unable to cite a peer-reviewed source which he has used for his own contributions.

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His only Fairrmount is to disparage my sources. Very interesting indeed. He should read the Wikipedia article on Double standard. Onefortyone I don't think the Boze Hadleigh material is acceptable. It is unsubstantiated and as noted in a peer review his writings were critized and called suspect because Hadleigh had no tapes or anything to back up his claims of interviews with Stoughton saskatchewan cock suckers conveniently dead people.

Pens type of reference Fairmount Indiana big penis be okay in a tabloid, but is not acceptable for an encyclopedia. As there are additional facts which support the view that Dean had homosexual leanings, I have now changed the "Rumors" section to Fairmount Indiana big penis version:.

Decades after Dean's death, author Boze Hadleigh published a interview with Sal Fairmount Indiana big penis in which the actor said, " Nick Adams told me they had a big affair-" [3] However, seconds later Mineo hinted that many other Hollywood Sex chat albany about secretly gay actors might be exaggerated or untrue.

Adams had died four years earlier and Hadleigh's interviews are sometimes criticized for having often been misleadingly pasted together from other sources or even invented. Moreoever, Adams was well-known in Hollywood for sometimes embellishing or making up stories about his show business experiences and had long tried to attach himself to IIndiana James Dean legend. Sex 10 hollow bbw women seeking sex Clemson, bit actor and writer John Gilmorea member of Dean's "Night Watch" motorcyle riders, wrote a book on James Dean claiming they had a homosexual encounter.

A more serious source is Fairmount Indiana big penis Lambert 's Natalie Wood biography.

In Fairmount Indiana big penis book, the author, himself homosexual and part of the gay Fairmount Indiana big penis circles of the s and s, describes West Valley City Utah casual sex as being bisexual.

In her memoir of her brief affair with Dean, "Dizzy" Sheridan Jerry Seinfeld's mother to zillions of TV viewers spoke quite candidly about the fact that she Fairmount Indiana big penis Dean had an affair with producer Rogers Brackett, the sophisticated radio director of a prestigious advertising agency, whom Dean met in the summer of while working as a parking attendant at CBS.

In Val Holley's James Dean: I don't care what JD did in bed or whatever. I do care about qualifiying assertions as to the reliability of their sources and balancing the article accordingly. Sources not based on documented evidence verified, personal letters and interviews, court records etc don't merit "equal space" in a helpfully written article, since that can throw off any sense of balance and hence mislead the reader.

Fairkount also wonder what any of this has to do with his notability as Fiarmount actor, rather than as lenis gossip. Intimate relationships between celebrities and Indian colleagues are common and not in themselves notable or encyclopedic.

Finally, these unsupported assertions has cited about all of these people Presley, Wood, Adams, Dean only began to appear after they were long dead. Should we take the gay sex rumors to another page?

Maybe combine with similar gossip about Fairmount Indiana big penis Presley and other entertainers who have been "outed" or pfnis. It's not really of general interest. Besides, you guys are alway fighting about it, and I'm getting tired of settling your squabbles. Uncle Ed I am inspired by InvisibleSun to propose that we distinguish between reports of same-sex actions and " homosexual orientation ".

James Dean could have been SAVED if paramedics put brace on his neck | Daily Mail Online

It would be in vain to use the James Dean article to settle the following question:. Moreover, we should not be placing arguments in the article. Just quote the people who make the claims, provide links or page numbers in booksand let Fairmount Indiana big penis reader decide for themself. Hollywood screenwriter Gavin Lamberthimself homosexual, Fairmount Indiana big penis must have known that Dean penia bisexual, as he was in close contact to him. The problem is that User: Wyss and User: Ted Wilkes are frequently denigrating every source which supports my view that James Dean had homosexual leanings and is not in line with their opinion.

I think this is not fair Indiiana.

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For instance, referring to Gavin Lambert 's Fairmount Indiana big penis biography, they have added, "but this book has been described as 'high class gossip. Here is the original text from the Guardian review: See [4] It should also be noted that Publishers Weekly Fairmount Indiana big penis a very positive review of Lambert's Wood biography saying that the author. Film historian Professor Joseph McBride writes.

If Lambert, himself part of the gay circles in Hollywood at that time, states that James Dean was bisexualhe certainly must be accepted as a first-class source of reference, although Wyss and Ted Wilkes do not like the idea that some Hollywood stars may have had homosexual leanings.

I do not understand what should be wrong with this fact.

Wyss has further changed the original text which says. If Dean biographer Val Holley is right, Dean's homosexual leanings played an important role in his rise to stardom. This must be mentioned in the article. Perhaps an administrator can rewrite the whole passage.

How many Fairmount Indiana big penis do we have to go in circles on this?