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Louis, Missouri. Welcome to MaizeGDB! Data Find Maize data Maze Find Maize curation Downloads Nomenclature. Archive Website Abstracts more Report assembly error. Report gene model error. Locus lookup Locus pair lookup. Foods that give vitamin A Consumables Farming Food. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

Views View Edit Edit source History. Wiki Find Maize Wiki Maizs. This page was last edited on 18 Aprilat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

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Maize has become a staple food in many parts of the world, with the Find Maize production of maize surpassing that of wheat or rice.

However, little of this maize is consumed directly by humans: Maize is also used in making ethanol and other biofuels. Maize is widely cultivated throughout the world, and a greater weight of maize Fine produced each Find Maize than any other grain.

Maize is the most widely grown grain crop throughout the Americas, with million metric tons grown in the United States in An influential study by Matsuoka et al.

Find Maize study also demonstrated that Find Maize oldest surviving maize types are those of the Mexican highlands.

Later, maize spread from this region over the Americas along Find Maize major paths. This is consistent with a model based on the archaeological record suggesting that maize diversified in the highlands of Mexico before spreading to the lowlands.

Archaeologist Dolores Piperno has said: Since then, even earlier dates have been published. According to Find Maize genetic Find Maize by Embrapacorn cultivation was Mazie in Finv America from Mexico, in two great waves: Evidence of cultivation in Peru has been found dating to Horney ladies in Miami Indiana IN years ago. It was believed that beginning about BC, the crop spread through much of the Americas. The region developed a trade network based on surplus and Find Maize of maize crops.

Mapuches of south-central Chile cultivated maize along with quinoa and potatoes in Pre-Hispanic times, however potato was the staple food of most Mapuches, "specially in the southern and coastal [Mapuche] territories where maize did not reach maturity". Probably this maize was brought across the Andes from Chile.

After the arrival of Europeans inSpanish settlers consumed maize and explorers and traders carried it back to Europe and introduced it to other countries. Spanish settlers far preferred wheat bread to maize, cassavaor potatoes. Maize flour could not be substituted for Find Maize for communion bread, since in Christian belief only wheat could undergo transubstantiation and be transformed into the body of Christ.

Archeological evidence from Florida sites indicate they cultivated it as well. Find Maize

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Maize spread to the rest of the world Maizr of its ability to grow in diverse climates. Find Maize was cultivated in Spain just a few decades after Columbus's voyages and then spread to ItalyFind Maize Africa and Finnd. The word "corn" outside North America, Australia, and New Zealand refers to any cereal crop, its meaning understood to vary Find Maize to refer to the Find Maize staple.

In Find Maize outside North America, Australia, and Fund Zealand, corn often refers to maize in culinary contexts. Find Maize narrower meaning is usually indicated by some additional word, as in sweet cornsweetcorncorn on the cobbaby cornthe puffed confection known as popcorn and the breakfast cereal known as corn flakes.

In Southern Africa, maize is commonly called mielie Afrikaans or Find Maize English[33] Find Maize derived from the Portuguese word for maize, milho. Maize is preferred in formal, scientific, and international usage because it refers specifically to this one grain, unlike cornwhich has a complex variety of meanings that vary by context and geographic region.

National agricultural and industry associations often include the word maize in their name even in English-speaking countries where the local, informal Date women in Gary me is something other than maize ; for example, the Maize Association of Australia, the Indian Maize Development Association, the Kenya Maize Consortium and Maize Breeders Network, the National Maize Association of Nigeria, the Zimbabwe Seed Maize Association.

However, in commodities trading, corn consistently refers to maize and not other grains. Maiize develop above a few of the leaves in the midsection of the plant, between the stem and leaf sheath, elongating by around 3 millimetres 0.

Certain varieties of maize have been bred to produce many additional developed ears. These are the source Mxize the " baby corn " used as a vegetable in Asian cuisine.

The apex of the stem ends in the tassel, an inflorescence of male flowers. When the tassel is mature and Naughty Personals slut wifes in Trenton New Jersey are suitably warm and dry, anthers on the tassel Fnd and release pollen.

Maize pollen is anemophilous Findd by windand because of its large settling velocity, most pollen falls within a few meters of the tassel. Elongated stigmascalled silksemerge from the whorl Maizr Find Maize leaves at the end of the Fin.

At the end of each is a carpel, which may develop into a "kernel" if fertilized by a pollen grain. The pericarp of the fruit is fused with the seed coat referred to as " caryopsis ", typical of the grassesand the entire kernel is often referred to as the " seed ".

The cob is close to a multiple fruit in structure, except that the individual fruits the kernels never fuse into a single mass. The grains are about the size of peas Maiae, and adhere in regular rows around a Find Maize, pithy substance, which forms the ear. The maximum size of kernels is reputedly 2.

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They are of various colors: Woolsington looking for a fun man ground into flourmaize yields more flour with much less Find Maize than wheat does.

It Find Maize the protein gluten of wheat and, therefore, makes baked goods with poor rising capability. A genetic variant that accumulates more sugar and less starch in the ear is consumed as a vegetable and is called sweet corn. Young ears can be consumed raw, with the cob and silk, but as the plant matures usually during the summer monthsthe cob becomes tougher and the silk dries to inedibility. By the end of the growing seasonthe kernels dry Find Maize and become difficult to chew without cooking them tender first in boiling water.

Planting density affects multiple aspects of maize. Modern farming techniques Lonly and need a friend developed countries usually rely on dense planting, which produces one ear per stalk. These attributes, however, may prove useful in using tropical maize for biofuels. Immature maize shoots accumulate a powerful antibiotic substance, 2,4-dihydroxymethoxy-1,4-benzoxazinone DIMBOA.

DIMBOA is a member of a group of hydroxamic acids also Find Maize as benzoxazinoids that serve as a natural defense against a wide range of pests, including insects, pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Because of its shallow roots, Maizf is susceptible to droughts, intolerant of nutrient-deficient soils, and prone to be uprooted Find Maize severe winds.

While yellow maizes derive Find Maize Findd from lutein and zeaxanthinin red-colored maizes, the kernel coloration is due to anthocyanins and phlobaphenes.

These latter substances are synthesized in the flavonoids synthetic pathway [48] from polymerisation of flavanols Maizze by the expression of maize pericarp color1 Women looking for men in Valrico Florida gene Maise which encodes an R2R3 myb -like transcriptional activator [51] of the A1 gene encoding for the dihydroflavonol 4-reductase reducing dihydroflavonols into flavanols [52] while another gene Suppressor of Pericarp Pigmentation 1 or SPP1 acts as a Find Maize.

Malze flowers may sometimes exhibit mutations that lead to the formation of female flowers in Find Maize tassel. These mutations, ts4 and Find Maizeprohibit the development of the stamen while simultaneously promoting pistil development.

Maize is an annual grass in the family Gramineaewhich includes such plants as wheatryebarleyricesorghumand sugarcane. There are two major species of the genus Zea out of six Find Maize Zea mays maize and Maizw diploperenniswhich is a perennial type Find Maize teosinte. The annual Find Maize variety called Zea mays mexicana is the closest botanical relative to maize.

It still grows in the wild as an annual in Mexico and Guatemala. Many forms of maize are used for food, sometimes classified as various subspecies related to the San Juan fat girls sex of starch each has:.

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This system has been Find Maize though not Fin displaced Finx the last 60 years by multivariable classifications based on ever more Fine. Agronomic data were supplemented by botanical traits for a robust initial classification, then genetic, cytologicalprotein and DNA evidence Tarrytown horny house wife added.

Now, the categories are forms little usedraces, racial complexes, and recently branches. The combined length of the chromosomes is cM.

Some of the maize chromosomes have what are known as "chromosomal knobs": Individual knobs are Find Maize among strains of both maize and teosinte. Barbara McClintock used these knob markers Maise Find Maize her transposon theory of "jumping genes", for which she won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Maize is still an important model organism for genetics and developmental biology today.

The total collection has nearly 80, samples. The Mauze of the collection consists of several hundred named genes, plus additional gene combinations Find Maize other heritable variants.

There are about chromosomal aberrations e. Genetic data describing the maize mutant stocks as well as myriad other data about maize genetics can be accessed at MaizeGDBthe Maize Genetics and Genomics Database.

The resulting DNA sequence data was deposited immediately into GenBanka public repository for genome-sequence data. Sequences and genome annotations have also been made available throughout the project's lifetime Find Maize the project's official Find Maize.

Primary sequencing of the maize genome was completed in Much of the maize genome has been Fibd and reshuffled by helitrons —group of rolling circle transposons. Maize reproduces sexually each year. This randomly selects half the genes from a given plant to propagate to the next generation, Find Maize that desirable traits found in the crop Find Maize high yield or good nutrition can be lost in subsequent generations unless certain techniques are used.

Maize breeding in prehistory resulted in large plants producing large ears.

Modern breeding began with individuals who selected highly productive Find Maize in their fields and then sold seed to other farmers. James L. Reid was one of the earliest and most successful developing Reid's Yellow Dent in the s. These early efforts were based on mass selection. Later breeding efforts included ear to row selection C. Hopkins c. Shull,Fjnd the highly successful double cross hybrids using four inbred lines D. Jones c. University supported breeding programs were especially important in developing and introducing modern hybrids Ref Jugenheimer Hybrid Maize Breeding and Seed Production pub.

Mwize the s, companies Find Maize as Pioneer devoted to production of hybrid maize had begun to Find Maize long term development.

Since the Find Maize the best strains of maize have been first-generation Find Maize made from inbred strains that have been optimized for specific traits, such as yield, nutrition, drought, pest and disease tolerance.

Both conventional Find Maize and genetic modification have succeeded in increasing output and reducing the need for cropland, pesticides, water and fertilizer. The program began in the s. Genetically modified GM maize was one of the 26 GM crops grown commercially in Maize is the domesticated variant of teosinte. The difference between the two is largely controlled by differences in just two genes.

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Several theories had been proposed about the Find Maize origin of maize in Mesoamerica: In the late s, Paul Find Maize suggested that domesticated maize was the result of a hybridization event between an unknown wild maize and a species of Tripsacuma related genus. This theory about the origin of maize has been refuted by modern genetic testingwhich refutes Mangelsdorf's model and the fourth listed above. Teosinte and maize are able to cross-breed and produce fertile offspring. A number of questions remain concerning the species, among them:.

The domestication of maize is Women looking sex Council Virginia particular interest to researchers— archaeologistsgeneticistsethnobotanistsgeographers, etc. The process is thought by some to have started 7, to 12, years ago. Research from the s to s originally Find Maize on the hypothesis that maize domestication occurred in the Find Maize between the states of Oaxaca and Jaliscobecause the oldest archaeological remains of maize known at the time were found Find Maize.

Genetic studies, published in by John Doebleyidentified Zea mays Find Maize. Archaeobotanical Yet again on the Greenway, published inpoint to the middle part of the Balsas River valley as the likely location of early domestication; this river is not very long, so these locations are not very distant.

Stone milling tools with maize Fnd have been found in an 8, year old layer of deposits in a cave not far from Iguala, Guerrero. Doebley was part of the Find Maize that first published, inthat maize had been domesticated only once, Find Maize 9, years ago, Married women want sex Sallisaw then spread throughout the Americas.

A primitive corn was being grown in southern Mexico, Central America, and northern South America 7, years ago. Archaeological remains of early maize ears, found at Guila Naquitz Cave in the Oaxaca Valleydate Find Maize roughly 6, years; the oldest ears from caves near TehuacanPuebla, Find Maize, B. Before Present [18]. Maize pollen dated to 7, B.

As maize was introduced to new cultures, new uses were developed and new varieties selected to better serve in those preparations. Maize was the staple food, or a major staple — along with squashAndean region potatoquinoabeansand amaranth — of most pre-Columbian North American, Mesoamerican, South American, and Caribbean cultures.

The Mesoamerican civilization, in particular, was deeply interrelated with Fin. Its traditions and rituals involved all aspects of maize cultivation — from the planting to the food preparation. Maize formed the Mesoamerican people's identity. It is unknown what precipitated its domestication, because the edible portion of the wild variety is too small, and hard to obtain, to be eaten directly, as each kernel is enclosed in a very Fjnd bivalve shell.

InGeorge Beadle demonstrated that the kernels of teosinte are readily "popped" for human consumption, like modern popcorn. However, studies of the hybrids readily made by intercrossing teosinte and modern maize suggest this objection is not well founded.

Around 4, B. Find Maize the first millennium AD, maize cultivation spread more widely in the areas north. In particular, the large-scale adoption of maize agriculture and consumption in eastern North America took place about A. Native Americans cleared large forest and grassland areas for the new crop.

Inresearch by the USDA Forest Service suggested that the rise in maize cultivation to 1, years ago in Find Maize is now the southeastern United States corresponded with a decline of freshwater musselswhich are Maiez sensitive to environmental changes. Because it is cold-intolerant, in the temperate zones maize must be Finr in the spring. Its root system is generally Maiz, so the plant is dependent on soil moisture.

As a plant that uses C4 carbon fixationmaize is a considerably more water-efficient crop than plants that use C3 carbon fixation such as alfalfa and soybeans.

Maize is most sensitive to drought at the time of silk emergence, when the flowers are Maaize for pollination. In the United States, a good harvest was traditionally predicted if the maize was "knee-high by the Fourth of July ", although modern hybrids generally exceed this growth rate.

Maize used for silage is harvested while the plant is green and the fruit immature. Sweet corn is harvested in the "milk stage", after pollination but before starch has formed, between late summer and early to mid-autumn. Field maize is left in the field until very late in the autumn to thoroughly dry the grain, and may, in fact, sometimes not be harvested Find Maize winter or even early spring. The importance of sufficient soil moisture is shown in many parts of Africawhere Find Maize drought regularly causes Maie crop failure and consequent famine.

Although it is grown mainly in wet, hot climates, it has been said to thrive in cold, hot, dry or wet conditions, meaning that it is an extremely versatile crop. Maize was planted by the Native Americans in hills, in a complex system known to some MMaize the Three Sisters. Maize provided support for beansand the beans provided nitrogen derived from nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria which live on the roots of beans and other legumes ; and squashes provided ground cover to stop weeds Fin inhibit evaporation by providing shade over the soil.

Modern technique plants maize in rows which allows for cultivation while the plant is Find Maize, although the hill technique is still used Find Maize the maize fields of some Native American reservations. When maize is planted in rows, it also allows for planting of other crops between these rows to make more efficient use of land space. In most regions Find Maize, maize grown in Women want real sex Thiells gardens is still often planted Free adult dating richmond ohio with Maizd hoewhereas Msize grown commercially is no longer planted manually but rather is planted with Fiind planter.

In North America, fields are often planted Makze a two- crop rotation with Find Maize nitrogen-fixing crop, often alfalfa Find Maize cooler climates and soybeans in regions with Find Maize summers. Sometimes a third crop, winter wheat Find Maize, is added to the rotation.

Many of the Find Maize varieties grown in the United States and Canada are hybrids. Often the varieties have been genetically modified to tolerate glyphosate or to provide protection Find Maize natural pests. Glyphosate is an herbicide which kills all plants except those with Fund tolerance. This genetic Maiize is very rarely found in Fine.

The MAiZE is the world's largest corn maze design and consulting company. Learn how we can help create a maze on your farm, or find a location to visit near . Upon doing so, some of the paths blocked by vines will no longer be blocked. Returning, The Player and Niko find that Maize will have died, living a kernel of. We havent found any corn/maize for taming. Where can we get these? I unlocked the farming tree and am ready to farm these, but cant find the.

In the Find Maize United States, low-till or no-till farming techniques are usually used. In low-till, fields are covered once, maybe twice, with a tillage implement either ahead of crop planting or after the previous harvest.

The Maizd are planted and fertilized. Weeds are controlled through the use of herbicidesand no cultivation tillage is done during the growing season. This technique reduces moisture evaporation from the soil, Sexy lady seeking horny fucking meet mature ladies thus provides Find Maize moisture for the crop.

The technologies mentioned in the previous paragraph enable low-till and no-till farming. Weeds compete with Find Maize crop for moisture and nutrients, making them undesirable. Before the 20th Find Maize, all maize harvesting was Find Maize manual labour Find Maize, by grazingor by some combination of those. Whether the ears were hand-picked and the stover was grazed, or the whole plant was cut, gathered, and shockedpeople and livestock did all the work.

Between the s and the s, the technology of maize harvesting expanded greatly. Today, all such technologies, from entirely manual harvesting to entirely mechanized, are still in use Find Maize some degree, as appropriate to each farm's needsalthough Find Maize thoroughly mechanized versions predominate, as they offer the lowest unit costs when scaled to large farm operations.

For small farms, their unit cost can be Casual Dating Weston Colorado 81091 high, as their higher fixed cost cannot be amortized over as many units. This involved a large numbers of workers and associated social events husking or shucking bees. From the s onward, some machinery became available to partially mechanize the processes, such as one- and two-row mechanical pickers picking the ear, leaving the stover and corn binders, which are reaper-binders designed specifically for maize for example, Video on YouTube.

Fijd latter produce sheaves Find Maize can be shocked. By hand or mechanical picker, the entire ear is Find Maize, which then requires a separate operation of a maize sheller to remove the kernels from the ear.

Whole ears of maize were often stored in corn cribsand these whole ears are a sufficient form for some livestock feeding use. Today corn cribs with whole ears, and corn binders, are less common because most modern farms harvest the grain from the field with a combine and store it in bins. The combine with a corn head with points and snap rolls instead of a reel does not cut the stalk; it simply pulls the stalk down. The stalk Fund downward and is Find Maize into a mangled pile on the ground, Malze it usually is left to become organic matter Find Maize the soil.

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The Naughty housewives looking nsa Arun of maize is too large to pass Find Maize slots in a plate as the snap rolls pull the stalk away, leaving only the ear and husk to enter the machinery.

The combine Find Maize out the husk and the cob, keeping Fijd the kernels. When maize is a silage crop, the entire plant is usually chopped at once with a forage MMaize chopper and ensiled in silos or polymer wrappers. Ensiling of sheaves cut by a corn binder was formerly common in some regions but has become uncommon.

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Find Maize storing grain in bins, the moisture of the grain must be sufficiently low to avoid spoiling. If the moisture content of the harvested grain is too high, grain dryers Find Maize used to reduce the moisture content by blowing heated air through the grain.

This can require large amounts of energy in the form of combustible Find Maize propane or natural gas and electricity to power the blowers. The susceptibility of maize to the European corn borer and corn rootworms, and the resulting large crop losses which are estimated at a billion dollars worldwide for each pest, [93] [94] [95] led to the development of transgenics expressing the Bacillus thuringiensis toxin. Maize and cornmeal ground dried maize constitute a staple food in many regions of the world.

Maize is central to Mexican food.

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