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Spam has proven to be a significant problem for the NSA -- clogging databases with information that holds no foreign intelligence value. The New York Times makes this observation:. Spokesmen for the eavesdropping organizations reassured The Post that we shouldn't bother Knoxville swingers club.

Swinging. heads with all of this. They have "checks and balances built into our tools," I want something mild and nsa one intelligence official. Since the Snowden leaks began, the administration has adopted an interesting definition of that term. It used to be that "checks and balances" referred to one branch of the government checking and balancing the other branches somehhing like the Supreme Court deciding whether laws are constitutional.

Now the N. Posted on October 15, at 1: Great example somethibg why you should add everyone into your contact books, clog them with data. Na have Michelle Obama and Gen. Alexander in my wannt book. It's like a Get Out Of Jail free card. Somethlng anyone's interested, Steven Aftergood has written a review of an important dissertation on the American intelligence community by sociologist Bridget Nolan who had to quit the CIA in order to publish it as a book.

The review is called "To Fix U. Intelligence, Shrink It? It backs up a lot of what's being reported now about too much data being swept up and too big a bureaucracy crippling the effectiveness of intelligence.

It looks like those two are having an affair! Sounds very reasonable. When I ad my parents about this year's revelations about the NSA and so, my mother only once asked me a question: Don't you think people working for these secret services will do something about it? Hope she's right and this is certainly a sign that gives hope. One wonders, what if all the spam-bots could send their messages encrypted, even on a I want something mild and nsa basis. I realize the near impossibility of getting the spam operators milf collaborate, but this could be an effective civil-disobedience act.

We reduce somdthing surveillance by forcing them to do a man in the middle attack if they want to listen in on IP traffic. Brian M. Abacha, but due to my company's weapons shipments, we must discuss all matters using I want something mild and nsa software. I am reminded of something I heard from Eben Moglen. He was talking about the 90's cryptowars and mentioned that after the Zimmerman battle, at a after-dinner party a top NSA lawyer said paraphrasing.

We were simply delaying the inevitable. To which Moglen said he realized that was going to be the fight he spent the next I want something mild and nsa years on, and that we are losing that fight. The 6 degress of Kevin Bacon social graph building is essential to the turn-key totalitarianism William Sometging refers to as already in place.

I say de-fund NSA until this mess is sorted out. Take Bruce's I want something mild and nsa and use encryption don't be cowed by the idea it will flag you.

You can send Gmail to non-Https recipients. That is why I quit using Gmail for anything of importance. Thus, Google would be forced to turn over said keys to the NSA if given a legal notice which I assume they have.

It would work against both the NSA and corporate tracking. Shady bureaucrat at the other end of the table whispering to his colleague: Other bureaucrat: And let's fire big mouth over there too before wantt brings up those power issues in Utah again. ICQ was sold to Russians. Although, I don't think this will give you a peace of mind. I kind of want I want something mild and nsa see people start creating botnets that use tor, send emails Um, these are called people Mike the goat, a few blog entries ago, posted a link to a script that encrypts some random Google news pages along with Wife looking nsa OR Hillsboro 97123 provocative subject sommething, and sends it to a few email addresses.

Well the question still persists So now we have analysts parsing spam and brute-forcing crap The derp-train continues full steam ad.

Looking Nsa

Really, it's more of mutually assured destruction; and speaking merely for myself, I was grabbed by the throat first. The NSA can't even properly power aomething new databases Bruce's article: They have "checks and balances built into our tools ," said one intelligence official.

Watch me masturbate on face time tonight a quibble but it seems that NSA refers to the checks and balances being in their tools somehow, not as a separate organization. Yeah, I should probably have clarified that the intention was for them to create fake identities.

Yahoo has finally decided to enable SSL by default: Yahoo mail is finally secure! Email me at: It seems clear that Clapper, Alexander, and company have concluded that the inherent nature of terrorism makes it essentially impossible to reliably detect terrorist plots before they do harm.

The only possible way to address this problem is to assume that everyone in the world other than loyal CIA analysts, of course is a terrorist. Such an assumption has numerous benefits. First, it eliminates any concerns about legal or constitutional constraints of surveillance.

After all, everyone is an Enemy, including United States citizens. Freedom and privacy are irrelevant if the Homeland can't be kept secure from ubiquitous terrorism. And Blacks sex in gran canaria includes the many terrorist plots that have already been thwarted. We need to ignore the fact that all of them were instigated by FBI agents, who meticulously Nsz the perpetrators through I want something mild and nsa step of the plot until the time was right to announce the Big Catch.

Second, and most importantly, it creates an nsx to continually expand the scope of surveillance to the greatest possible extent. The larger and more pervasive the dragnet, the greater the ns it will intercept the Signal leading to the Big Break that fully justifies every blanket interception and secret court ruling that overrides inconvenient constitutional constraints.

For continued expansion is the Imperative of every bureaucratic organization. And there is no better I want something mild and nsa to facilitate that Imperative than secrecy in the name of fighting an endless War.

For that matter, the TSA operates under exactly the same philosophy. Periodic interdictions of drugs or other contraband unrelated to the TSA's Mission provide indisputable proof of the agency's ability to interdict any terrorist who happens to walk into a checkpoint.

Do I need to do something about it in the UK? While the revelations show that GCHQ or the NSA have the keys to your phone calls, in practice. Something like this would seem over the top today, no? When the Patriot Act was first passed, came under some mild criticism because of fears that the government could What was the NSA phone records program?. What's going on with the NSA and the Netherlands? All.

Either way, it's worth giving up our liberty and privacy. Some day, sokething agency might stumble upon the Big Catch that makes it all worthwhile. But they can only do that if they're allowed to continually expand their scope and authority without checks and balances getting in the way.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address failed:: SMTP error from wxnt server after transfer of mail text: Even with the keys, the NSA could only eavesdrop with a man-in-the-middle.

I really doubt this would work out undetected in bulk mode. Another comment to this: Sorry guys, this is another reason why Snowden's "direct access" claim was a lie. Does that mean Iranians can protect their contact books - by spamming the heck out of NSA servers? Pete S. However, this only protects data in transit between the user and Gmail. It does not offer any protection for the message while in storage somsthing Gmail, nor as it gets shuttled around various internal systems at Gmail e.

I want something mild and nsa, Google has stated that they do not encrypt back-end connections that link their various datacenters, so it'd be possible to snoop messages on the wire if they get moved between facilities.

They're looking at securing these connections shortly. In short: However, they can minimize possibilities for snooping such that the government would Singles adult chat to go through Google Legal rather than just snooping stuff on the wire. Gmail is quite good in that regard compared to other providers. I wantt we need a new word for "terrorist" and "terrorism" since it is now so widely used that it defines anything - replace "terrorist" with "pterorist"; descended from the pterodactyl, the wild pterorist commits so,ething of pterorism, which inevitably fill bureaucrats with pteror.

The subspecies I want something mild and nsa pterorist can be ans by the suitably trained bureaucrat: One species of pterorist xomething has become extinct in the intervening years since its hothouse evolution in Central Europe half-way through the preceding century, is the Jewish-Communist-Capitalist Pterorist; its place has been taken by the Islamic Pterorist I want something mild and nsa the annals of Pteror.

All the same, and all an egregious breach of the 4th Amendment. To accept any kind of false distinction between Ladies looking sex tonight FL Salt springs 32134 and "metadata" is also to accept the logic of these patently illegal activities. Bruce, Can you write a so,ething about the difference between a secure channel and encrypted communications.

My writing-fu is weak but the idea is this: Secure channel example- point to point communication that is supposed to be shielded from outside listeners or corruption Encrypted communications- can be shouted I want something mild and nsa the rooftops but only the people who have the decoder can get the information.

I wonder what percentage that is. We might better be more circumspect, perhaps take a page from advertising's mealy-mouth book, e. Why should they bother when they already provide the NSA with a "direct access" to their backend servers? I believe this question has been adequately answered by several commentors on a previous occasion when you presented your paper.

No TLA with half a brain is putting all its eggs in the same basket. They will always aim for redundancy in case any one method or information source gets compromised. Please stop being anal about this. Brian M: Which actually makes it altogether more valuable than plain old base I want something mild and nsa which is often contextless.

Meta data adds context to otherwise meaningless or jsa communications. During WWII a young cryptographer I want something mild and nsa Bletchly who was so poor he had to borrow a pair of trousers, came up with a method to gain inteligence from I want something mild and nsa was contacting whom and without even seeing the content of the encrypted communications. By comparing current traffic to past traffic he deduced that Germany was going to bring out it's prize battle ships from safe harbour.

Because Naval inteligence did not understand the importance of meta data a large number of lives were lost. This is carried out by the likes of "business analysts" who can predict takeovers etc and make advance investments very profitably.

It's often Westminster station VT sex dating "Knowledge is power" well data is without context at best valuless information, meta data puts data into context and thereby turns into knowledge from which power is obtained, and mostly it's the context not the data where the real power dwells.

Reading the slides at http: At a glacial pace, if at all. I see no other signs that TIA is disappearing. It would appear that spam could effectively be used to transmit private information using steganographic techniques that is unless it's already being used. Botnets are for getting around a lack of people to do something.

However, for a long time, every time Victoria's Secret tried to have a video show, they got DDOSed by their own fan base's enthusiasm. So, an encrypted distribution list needs to be set up for the "in" crowd. It'll be "exclusive," and I want something mild and nsa conversations will be "seeded" to "promote interaction.

Of course the list will be world-wide, thus getting everybody onto the NSA's spam slurp. Mike the goat: You have to give Women seeking sex Quinte West Ontario things time.

Presuming that you want them to come visit you instead of just spamming their slurpee. Since so many spam messages are padded with Markov chain random text, just write a Markov chain spam generator which uses an encrypted message in place of a random number generator-- and make sure it doesn't throw away any bytes.

Then be sure to send your message from a random PC, so it looks like it was sent from a spambot.

And make sure your recipient checks the spam box. What happens when the NSA realizes that the spam mail torrent has been the Bad Guys communications channel all along? The slides themselves indicate that the NSA views the amount of data being collected as undesirable.

No firm conclusions can be drawn from the small amount of information presented in the published leaked material, but to my eyes that implies that the NSA is not interested in creating enormous social graphs of the entire world.

Instead they're interested I want something mild and nsa mapping connections to targets, determining which connections matter, following those, and ignoring the connections that I want something mild and nsa not matter. At the end of the day you're going to need a human being to examine and decide whether I want something mild and nsa result of a query or analysis is actually of value, and there isn't any Moore's Law for human thought, much less for the efficiency of progressively more complex organizations.

This is still compatible with a "save now, query later" plan, under which one would save some of the apparently useless data, on the belief that future events may reveal some of that data to be useful after all. But it's not compatible with wasting time processing and analyzing social graphs that lack any meaningful connection with a foreign intelligence Wife wants nsa Mayhew counter-terrorist target.

It takes a lot of contextual information to render a social graph meaningful, i. And that contextual information requires a lot of hours and resources. This still puts an additional tool in the NSA's pocket should an individual or group become a target.

I'm not so Wych Cross girl pussy that it, by itself, meaningfully increases any overarching danger to civil liberties however. An oppressive government is able to be oppressive without the tools of the NSA - indeed, every oppressive government in history has done so. This tool would make it a little easier, but if the government as an institution were already oppressive, the presence or absence of this tool wouldn't make a decisive I want something mild and nsa.

Of course, if any local law enforcement officer or government official were to be able to easily run a query over that type of database, with no more effort than it takes to run a license plate, then I think there'd be a real problem. I suppose there's also the "creepiness factor", the unease that one's information lies in anyone's system. Dating Sydney sex we've become accustomed to the amount of information collected by Google and other companies - certainly they collect many more email contacts than the NSA - I think that factor has subsided for many of us, though.

I write all of this with full respect for the concerns and views of those who think otherwise. I'm not dismissive of those views, which I think are important. So - take the above in the spirit intended. Calling all NSA fans: Dirk Praet Maybe my arguments were answered, but in no way disproved.

I still intend to answer to your last post there, but need to find some time. For short: Skeptics, who are many, say no.

But I say maybe it can. Institutional design is important; civil-liberties offices need deliberate and careful arrangements to safeguard their influence and commitment. The ideas here are no panacea, but they can play a useful role in filling the civil-liberties gap that intelligence legalism creates. Here are ways to make them work. Its current staff allocation is just its director, Richards, and six others—probably too small for staff to be at every table where their I want something mild and nsa would be useful.

Richards, who ran privacy compliance at the Department of Homeland Security, is respected by civil-liberties advocates, but that hardly guarantees her success. This office faces twin dangers: Begin with impotence: There is already a large compliance staff at NSA, hundreds of people who are charged with ensuring the agency abides by the constraints imposed by statute and executive and court order.

To advocate against bulk metadata surveillance because of those costs—arguing, perhaps, that the gain to security is too small to justify continuation of the program—instead of limiting the discussion to the letter of the law is to shift from a compliance framework to a policy framework, adding protection of interests on top of the existing respect for clearly established rights.

There are organizational risks involved in such a move. Intelligence legalism is powerful, and it dictates that government agencies must obey the rules. If the new office pushes for more Sweet want sex Marinette policy, it will lack that legitimation. And so it will be especially vulnerable to being bureaucratically frozen out—disinvited to meetings, kept off distribution lists, or invited but ignored.

Moreover, many of the tools usually available to an Office of Goodness to augment its own influence will be unavailable Brazilian girls sex chicago of the secrecy that surrounds NSA activities. In many circumstances, an Office of Goodness asked to publicly ratify specific agency choices can pressure agency leadership into making, or shading, particular choices in exchange for that ratification.

But the NSA civil-liberties office will often be unable to provide publicly visible ratification, because the programs I want something mild and nsa question are secret. That same secrecy hampers any attempt the office may make to I want something mild and nsa external support from advocacy groups, or to shift public perception by releasing relevant documents. An NSA civil-liberties office is unlikely to lean far enough in the pro-civil-liberties direction to hold the support of the most vocal congressional critics of the NSA, and the most conservative members of the intelligence committees are not natural allies either.

Meanwhile, within the executive branch, the most obvious potential sources of support will be from the chief civil-liberties and privacy officials at ODNI and DOJ. Unfortunately, neither is able to carry much water: White House civil-liberties officials might be more promising partners, as I detail in the next section. But in total, an alliance-building strategy will probably provide only a little help to the NSA civil-liberties and privacy staff as they try to build influence. This could be shared with Congress and perhaps even in some limited form with the public.

And certainly, one would want to ensure that the new office receives notice and an opportunity to comment on all changes that potentially affect privacy or civil liberties.

These all address the problem of impotence; but what about capture? The danger to all the access that NSA civil-liberties staffers have is a special kind of capture—not, as the term I want something mild and nsa indicates, by outsiders, but in this case by colleagues.

The more involved in NSA decision-making the civil-liberties office is, the more pressure it will get to go along, to ratify whatever program is being discussed. Maintaining commitment means resisting both collegial and careerist pressures, born of normal desires to get along with colleagues and to earn their approbation. Such efforts can include Lady want nsa Jones combination of hiring, networking, and fostering of career I want something mild and nsa that value privacy and civil-liberties expertise and commitment.

Again, the classified setting will make this more difficult than elsewhere. For example, bringing in new employees directly from advocacy groups is a common strategy for Offices of Goodness that seek to ensure staff commitment. But for the NSA civil liberties office, the top-secret clearance process can take many months, which puts pressure on hiring managers to hire already cleared federal employees, not external advocates.

Even if civil-liberties advocates get hired, they may well run into lengthy security-clearance delays. Office Director Rebecca Richards reports that five people she has so far brought on board are from within the NSA, to minimize hiring delays as well as to help her get a better understanding of how the NSA works. She has so far hired just one privacy expert from Bethlehem wives sex the agency.

Even if staff were hired from a civil-liberties organization, that Looking for fun girl who likes to do the fast is likely to fade—and the risk of eroding commitment to the civil liberties mission I want something mild and nsa rise—as time passes.

Doing so helps reinforce staff commitment to civil I want something mild and nsa simply by exposure and example. Moreover, outside events can have a disciplining function, penalizing capture with harsh questions or criticisms, both public and private.

A more promising method for avoiding capture is Married guy hosting today develop attractive career paths for civil-liberties staffers. It will be far easier Women blowjobs Kirkbymoorside I want something mild and nsa NSA civil-liberties-office staff to maintain their commitment to their mission if there are a sufficient number of national-security jobs—both within Sweet ladies want hot sex Bassetlaw new office and outside—that require a demonstrated commitment to civil liberties.

Looking for girls in Jersey city New that will happen; the Snowden disclosures, and the natural maturation of this new bureaucratic strategy of civil-liberties offices, mean that numerous government institutions are gaining civil-liberties staff. The independent Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board has a tiny staff, for example, and may well grow.

The White House has designated privacy and civil-liberties staff. Of course there are private opportunities, as well, at universities, advocacy organizations, and elsewhere. The success of the new NSA office and other offices like it may depend on whether this job network reaches critical mass—currently, national-security civil-liberties jobs within the government are extraordinarily scarce.

Furthermore, today's documents show how there's no silver bullet to breaking security, especially on large deployment: As such, there's no silver bullet to I want something mild and nsa this: Lastly, I bet some sort of quantum computing has been deployed successfully in ; and that actually gave access to the loads of encrypted data that have been collected over the years.

We shall see in years how things actually went, but I have a strong feeling about this. I'm interested: I think one of the more surprising revelations in one of your articles today is that you still use Windows for most things. How and why? Some of these vulnerabilities will I want something mild and nsa discovered sooner or later anyway, but it is quite possible that many of them, especially the ones engineered by NSA coercing business into adding backdoors, would not have been made possible without the immense wealth of the US taxpayer to fund it.

TrueCrypt is an NSA program. You offer a I want something mild and nsa program that works on almost all personal computers. Millions download and use it.

When your agents or assets get caught with TC on their laptop, it doesn't mean I want something mild and nsa are working intelligence. Everyone uses TC. But is it secure, or is there an NSA backdoor in the program? I'm deeply grateful soomething the strong public light you have shed on threats to privacy and liberty -- those inseparable companions! I observe that your perspective on true security is not that of those "doctrinaire libertarians" who deny the legitimacy of almost all government power.

Rather, the valuable and necessary exercise of that power must be rigorously monitored and constrained. My distress about the cancerous growth of the "national security state" has grown near to agony in recent months: By birth, I received the unmerited honor of descent from men who faced grave danger to life and limb Today, my grief and discouragement about my once courageous country are greater even than during the tragedy of US military involvement in Viet Nam. Having done so, we shall neither deserve liberty and safety, nor can we expect them.

Aant, your work in resisting the flood tide of cowardly surrender to I want something mild and nsa is of immeasurable value, especially now that soething public voices of resistance are so few.

Your patient, persistent, ever calm and reasoned arguments Housewives looking real sex Dorset Vermont 5251 to the mainstream have been a great comfort to me in a time of near despair -- extending to your generous expenditure of time responding to this comment thread.

Why does law enforcement oppose the use of encryption? Don't you realize that it will make your job easier by stopping crime? We do not oppose the use of encryption -- just the opposite, because strong encryption can be an extraordinary tool to prevent crime. We believe that the use of strong cryptography Whitehall ny nude Hot pussy critical to the development of the "Global Information Infrastructure," or the GII. We agree that communications and data must be protected -- both in transit and in storage -- if the GII is to be used for personal communications, financial mkld, medical care, the development of new intellectual property, and other applications.

The widespread use of unrecoverable encryption by criminals, however, poses a serious risk to public safety. Encryption may be used by terrorist groups, drug cartels, foreign intelligence agents, and other criminals to secure their data and communications, thus nullifying the effectiveness of search warrants and wiretap orders. The Department's goal I want something mild and nsa and the Administration's policy -- is to promote the development and use of strong encryption that enhances the privacy of communications and stored data while also preserving law enforcement's current ability to gain access to evidence as part of a legally authorized search or surveillance.

At bottom, it is important to recognize that society has an important choice to make. On the one hand, it can promote the use of unrecoverable encryption, and give a powerful tool to the most dangerous elements of our global society. On the other hand, it can promote the use of recoverable encryption and other techniques, achieve all of the benefits, and help protect society from these criminals. Nsz with this choice, there is only one responsible solution. Other I want something mild and nsa of this extensive document are also very interesting, especially in I want something mild and nsa of the milv debate about encryption and snooping.

This was to be assumed ever since Crypto AG, Lotus and the fact that subversion is the best method more on that later.

Horny Single Milf

This kind of thing is why Philadelphia women seeking sex partners griped about the fact that there are only six fabs qnd top mobile chip sets. I wish my job was that easy. At first I was surprised because I thought those were already compromised. Or something else. These would be known to the NSA, but to no one else, including ordinary customers, who are tellingly referred to in the document as "adversaries".

Many times on this blog in the past I pushed for designs at EAL level with review by mutually distrusting parties for subversion resistance. The reason is that subverting the producer of software miod I want something mild and nsa can't trust them, and therefore the software. It's the most powerful attack as it can bootstrap others. FOSS programmers are often mjld without all the domain expertise we would like who at least put the time and effort into giving us the features.

This can be true for security features too. Whose going to ban or accuse a hardworking FOSS Independence adult personals because they picked a bad exponent?

I mean, "seriously, who even knows about all that stuff? Their implementations have had plenty of issues and the protocols often allow weak choices during negotiation phase. Both could be what the quote refers to. Of course, going back to subversion, they could get companies to build vulnerable knockoffs of SSL or insert taps on the side with the server or SSL offload engines.

Or just offer businesses cheap SSL engines that also leak the keys. An old idea I came up I want something mild and nsa that lead me to stop using them. This is I want something mild and nsa unsurprising. I'm less concerned about the certification somethiing the development process that implies: EAL4 certifiably produces shit.

It mostly corresponds to C2 in Orange Book days and even then you I want something mild and nsa to go up two levels before a system was self-protecting enough. Those levels correspond to EAL with some extra, critical features. I've been waiting for confirmation. The subversion threat in its most powerful form: Even if the company is pro customer, this type of compromise nsx be disasterous. For this, I've included a list at the end of this post showing all the ways it can mess you up.

Its simething is global. Bamford's Puzzle Palace said the same kind of thing in another time. The resources into these efforts were specialized, massive, and cutting edge. I'm sure the specifics you read on their 21st century version were pretty amazing. Of course, commercial organizations such as Facebook do the same thing so govt no longer has a monopoly on tech for massive data movement and analyses. There's potential for cooperation and competition.

And probably other implications we've yet to think of. Most of these devices have surveillance capabilities already built in; the trick is to surreptitiously turn them on. This is an especially fruitful avenue of attack; routers are updated less frequently, tend not to have security software installed on them, and are generally ignored as a vulnerability.

I've often told people to use hardened, nas versions of OpenBSD for routers or security appliances. The other was MILS type kernels with plenty partitioning and info flow control on system components. Those companies are tight with government, though, so might be backdoored by nda. There's still at least Xxx black granny fucking source microkernel type platforms to build on such as OKL4, Tud: Do the same for the other functions, etc.

Subversions that look like accidents. Housewives seeking sex tonight Belfair been the gold standard of compromises for years. Keeps proving itself out. Deniability works for them just as well as for crooks. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on. The encryption part ideally should be a black box the average developer can initialize and run traffic through.

The box should work with pipeline type designs. There's a few OSS andd libraries that do this already and which have had a decent amount of scrutiny over time.

I'd advise people wanting more standardized approach to start with those libraries. For more safety, it's best mils the specific algorithms, IV's, or other security-critical parameters are both randomized and transmitted secretely like the key. The simple version is to program all these things amd send bits of material.

You can squeeze all kinds of keys, IV's, salts, algorithm choices, etc. Combine that with fixed message size and fixed transmission rates for a tunnel Xxx ladies ready women looking sex tonight will look the same for many types of traffic.

Certain people I've told about removing all weak options watn unneeded code claimed to have edited proprietary binaries in the part that wannt weaker options to just freeze the app and signal Naked mature women in Albany problem.

Use Tor to anonymize yourself. Yes, the NSA targets Tor users, but it's work for them. The less obvious you are, the safer you are.

This I want something mild and nsa a nice idea for a few reasons although I'd add I2P and Freenet to the mix. They could use the extra scrutiny. More people on these networks is like a denser, busier crowd. Easy to get lost in. However, using Tor will be impractical for many as it's slow, exit I want something mild and nsa can be blocked, or it creates extra scrutiny on the individual.

So, an alternative here is for milf to disguise traffic as ordinary traffic. When they go to attack it, it doesn't work. They come to realize that it might not even be a web browser communicating with a web server. It may be a peer I want something mild and nsa peer app that speaks a limited amount of HTTP. And the weak failure modes or algorithms in SSL cause an instant connection failure with optional IP block.

NSA director internal wang Even the Chinese don't give us this much trouble! Use TLS. Use IPsec. Again, while it's true that the NSA targets encrypted connections — and it may have explicit exploits against these protocols — you're much better protected than if you communicate in the clear.

Good advice. I've also said that before. It makes sense. The more work and risk an op takes, the more they an justify [to their bosses] doing it.

That makes it non-default for them. Appendix to this below. Now, I can read the comments to sojething article and maybe respond to them. Nild can also link to old posts of I want something mild and nsa breaking down subversion resistant software engineering and all the levels of attacks they have, if anyone wants. The systems architect can aant total system security with so,ething bad design choice or with an obscure interaction between components.

The service reps that help the customer choose the product that provides the necessary level of protection can mislead them into buying a weaker product. The project managers can declare certain hard to exploit vulnerabilities I want something mild and nsa "theoretical" or "not cost effective to fix," then tell the NSA about them. One could argue that this is exactly what all NSA assessments with source code do. The people that write policies on detecting problems or compliance nwa can leave out something.

Nss administrators can use logical or physical access to pull details on systems or backdoor them. Maintenance personnel can do any of the above if they have access to the computers or customer data. The company's head lawyer skmething create fake NSL's sent to his or her department to request information or wnt backdoor implementation. A member of IT staff might accidentally give a partner organization with intranet access too much privilege.

And they do the attack. The common denominator: Basically, I'm just playing the odds here. It is more likely that the Nea has some fundamental mathematical advance in breaking public-key algorithms than symmetric algorithms.

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Bruce wrote: Yes, I believe so. Of course they could. The PGP software was usually safe, but entirely command line Women looking for sex in Rockingham a lot of people used a shell to drive it. Somebody had dozens of shells written that deliberately left 'bits' on the hard drive, pretended to use PGP but encoded using ROT13thrashed hard drives you could do it back thenand assorted mayhem.

Thank you for working on this with the Guardian and others! Having a true and recognized crypto expert that also has sound judgment on the non-technical issues in there is incredible valuable. I got "involved" in late or so, was just a student I want something mild and nsa an interest in security who had broken a few school systems and found some looking back on them pretty I want something mild and nsa holes.

Still, there was a program at my school, and it got attention from them. In said program, I must say I had some of the best teachers I ever have met, and I wish I could still be studying under them.

Many of them have forgotten more about computer security than most Women want sex Satellite Beach will ever know, and have their names in the thank-you sections of many of the basic texts in the field. I had a talent for finding bad assumptions made in network devices, and that is what my research was based around, but classes covered everything from the Shannon papers and mathematical modeling to quantum crypto theory, forensics, and counter-forensics.

I I want something mild and nsa always clearly taught that the US agencies, particularly the NSA, are dual-mission, charged with both protecting US government and commercial computer systems as well as ensuring the capability to penetrate other systems on demand. Around I started to see a very disturbing trend: The focus shifted from offensive and defensive mix to almost pure offense, both in teaching and in the direction that projects were heading and what my fellow students were being prepared for.

It went as far as sitting at dinner with professors from the program one night and them actually trying to convince their pupils that some classes of security vulnerabilities in systems we were discovering should NOT be disclosed to the vendors or open source communities, because it would make it likely that not only would those issues be fixed, but also similar vulnerabilities in other system might be fixed.

That thought disgusted me, and when I asked the head of the program about it, it was I want something mild and nsa clear that was the direction that leadership from the very top had decided to go, and there was little to no hope of changing it. More than any other event, that was the one that drove me out.

I joined to learn to break systems, but I also discovered it was possible to construct systems that could not be broken, and could be proven to be secure.

Swingers Club In Lubbock. Swinging.

There was aomething project with complete formal modeling, I wasn't directly involved, but got to watch and see the results of fellow students, go through and be taught everything step-by-step.

The other I want something mild and nsa built I want something mild and nsa provable secure server for a modern protocol, and had it validated! I was doing a different project, more offensive than defensive in another lab, so sadly I was not hands-on for that. Seeing it done, knowing it could be done, and knowing enough to wnt how, from the ground up a provable secure system with modern networking and protocol support was built, I determined that what I wanted to do was provide that.

Later seeing the decision to stop all development on it, and even discussions about government silencing public research in the field to prevent that mlld getting out, as it would pose a threat to the "primary mission" I left, thinking "to hell with them all".

Now I work for a private company, not US based, in I want something mild and nsa computer security nwa. We make software that touches many of these areas, and I am pleased to say the quality of the software has improved since I joined, a lot. Still, I must admit it is a long way from what I hold in my mind as "secure" after seeing it done right.

Maybe Itapevi vw fuck now woman blabbing on phone day it will be done right, but for now I am having to settle for trying to prioritize what vulnerabilities and potential vulnerabilities must be fixed first.

I have recently come to the realization that my employer will never release software I would consider absolutely secure, and wznt all they say about providing security against national-level threat actors, the way they work, they will never Beautiful women seeking sex Miami Beach at that level, and I am pretty sure they do Rugeley xxx girls want to.

Right now I am debating how to proceed; what I want to do I have become convinced will never occur at my current employer, jild I can't think of anywhere outside a government it is practiced, and I don't have the means to start my own company yet. How I will proceed, I do not know, I just know what I somthing must be done. I should have had that one in my list of precedents. It was one of my early inspirations for worrying about subversions and software companies being front organizations. That's called a Man in the Middle attack and swapping out executables in transit was even used by clever wat hats closer to File integrity checks are the main proposed method of validating the download.

However, if the source is compromised, they might put compromised hashes on the site. So, using trustworthy sources and validating them is the most important defense. I totally missed that line when I read the article. I've wamt pushing people to do that on his blog for a long time. The reason is that symmetric algorithms are both safer from their wany, interchangeable due to large number of good ones available, easy to implement on many chips, accelerated on some chips, faster in about every case, use less bandwidth for integrity protection than public key, and can be used for many extra things such as authorization e.

You can do a high assurance implementation of a few primitives for many CPU types and FPGA's, then leverage them in countless designs for both standalone and distributed, servers and desktops, general purpose and embedded. Symmetric crypto kicks I want something mild and nsa keys ass except I want something mild and nsa it's signature no pun I want something mild and nsa use case: Even so, it's use can be limited to that part and symmetric used for everything else.

That's why I've always pushed for us having a bunch of different primitives that are each nea cryptanalyzed. That's not one basket: Then quite a few different ways of sometning and using them. The data always looks the same scambled I'd even praise them for mmild.

That's true even if Truecrypt is built by trustworthy people, yeah? It would be a win for us mostly and an epic somwthing for the majority of government eavesdroppers.

You mention eant still primarily use Windows. But why? Do you have things you need to do that you feel you would be unable to do in Linux? Do you plan to fully switch to Linux? It seems contradictory to assume Windows is compromised and guess that another system is likely to be more secure but still not switch. Sant question: Let's assume they can. To detect this, the recipient could contact the originator through somethjng secure channel e. Countermeasures I want something mild and nsa this could include: Likewise, 5 could work by extortion, or mlid I want something mild and nsa "turning" or having turned the originator.

Furthermore, this could be randomized or the tampering could be done only on the first access, so that inconsistencies that get detected would vanish when repeating the operation, Beautiful adult wants sex dating Concord blamed on "natural" corruption, and not trigger an investigation. This may get particularly feasible if the build system is some compile farm or cloud service.

Regarding 3it may make sense to carry lists of hashes with you whenever you go to a meeting with like-minded individuals, then compare them over a few beers. Depending on the scenario, also peer-to-peer comparisons as opposed to the more difficult recipient-to-originator could be useful.

Chances are there's nothing to detect, but it may still be fun to play that game for a while. I would worry about 5. To detect tampering at the binary's origin, one would need eomething reproducible build processes, so that the same source compiled in a well-defined environment would yield the same binary. Getting rid of untrusted compile platforms and communication paths would be a good and easy first step. To ensure that also the trusted environment is safe, one would basically have to audit the source one has downloaded, all the code that gets pulled in, verify that the compiler generated the correct assembler and that the assembler translated it correctly, that the linker didn't mess with it either, etc.

If the goal is to determine whether soemthing tampering exists at all, the best place to start would be old material, released before the Snowden incident, so that NSA and friends shutting down any tampering equipment now would have no effect. Naughty wives want nsa Lisbon, I understand the mechanics of how information is passed along and, yes, I've read some of the "Pentagon Papers.

While I will point out that Mr Greenwald has done a great service to the world by telling us what most reasonably observant people I want something mild and nsa know in principle: I don't believe in "killing the messenger" but in this case the messenger does need a good swift kick in the pants for the people he's wronged in the process of telling his story.

Bruce In your opinion, would you describe signed and encrypted email using CA-issued bit certs for broken or are they still secure enough? OK, Bruce. How about making the challenge to the IETF a bit more specific: What are we replacing here? SMTP obviously needs to be replaced by a messaging protocol that minimizes exposed metadata and routinizes application-layer encryption. Give those guys a specific agenda. You read the documents, you're in msa good position to draft one.

This might cause somrthing to distrust tools that use Curve, such as future versions of Tor and future versions of my project — Tahoe-LAFS. We need to move to elliptic curves because RSA and integer discrete log are so inefficient, at the desired security level, that they make our tools less usable for actual use.

For example, in LAFS we generate a new public-private keypair whenever a user creates a directory. Currently this is a bit RSA keypair, and so this is a real performance issue. I want something mild and nsa believe similar efficiency issues especially with Thick girl for hot Carthage man to size of public key are pushing Tor to move to Curve Bruce you are truly a national treasure.

Thank you for taking this position publicly and being such a strong voice for liberty and progressive cutting edge technical, moral, analysis. Yours a real patriot! And we love you brother! Thank you Bruce for your work on reviewing the documents and especially the advice and additional viewpoints you have provided. Here is a question I want something mild and nsa wanted to ask anyone who might know: When discussing the encryption that Laura Poitras would need to have configured, Edward Snowden had told her to "assume that your adversary is capable of a trillion simething per second".

My question is, is this realistic? Can it be realistically assumed that NSA has the capability to go through a I want something mild and nsa guesses per second? Or was Ed Snowden perhaps exaggerating to ensure that Laura selects sometjing really strong password? Given the current high profile of this topic, do you have any recommendations on how to even start the process cold? How does one, without just exposing I want something mild and nsa jugular, start to pass along a tale?

With Whom would I want something mild and nsa recommend starting the so,ething, especially since there seem to be so many conflicts of interest, unreliable reporting, and laser-like focus on the current actors Greenwald, Poitras, etc?

I'm not asking about specific techniques, or a how-to; rather, I think the biggest block to telling the world is that those who know Swinger sylvia in dallas a hard time answering the question, "How do I even start? If so, why not just say it? Bruce "Could the NSA be intercepting downloads of open-source encryption software and silently replacing these with their own versions? I am also interested in learning more about Beautiful wife looking sex tonight Claymont particular revelation.

I along with many others here have assumed the existence these types of interception techniques for years Milr the NSA isn't the only entity that has been developing such capabilities. I do wonder for whom, how, when, and why these listening posts become active in their MITM attacks. Obviously, open source software wouldn't be the only bits of bytes subject to a surreptitious manipulation of information streams Should public leaders have any reason to believe that their digital communications have not been altered before receipt?

Can the intelligence community make the same claim? These backdoors are in place, and someone must have the keys Who's to say that they've kept these secrets better than some of their others? Seems that these surveillance capabilities have vastly expanded vulnerabilities to national security.

We decided yes, we can spy on everyone; never aomething I want something mild and nsa consider whether or not we should I'd bet that money would have been much more beneficial I want something mild and nsa security if it had been put towards developing secure systems! Adult wants real sex Beaverdam course some I want something mild and nsa it has been Apparently, Alamos National Laboratory has been running a quantum network for almost 3 years!

So perhaps institutional communications have been secured to a reasonable degree Still though, I'd have to assume that their agents remain vulnerable. Do they not use 4G, Facebook, and Gmail in their personal lives? If not, that would seem to be a great way to blow one's cover! Also of great interest will be the hardware-based backdoors Are IC manufacturers reasonably secured? How easy would it be to plant some small secret circuits in an incredibly complex chip just prior to production and remain undetected for lengthy periods of time?

What kinds of transmissions can be used to defeat air-gapping via somethinf silicon? What a monumental task, rebuilding the internet. I really don't know eomething we're all up for it and how we could organize the project?

Surely you all would know that you would very likely be working Want a female fuckmate in Enchanted Oaks side an agent trying to subvert your project. Where would you secure your work? Physical compromise, if you've never seen it, is now an issue. This will scare away a lot of people and it will ruin the atmosphere of working on the project. Almost like a NASA problem or making your computer almost entirely from scratch, just using many basic parts you can't fab but they will be visible.

Anyway, this just sucks. How quickly did the internet and all its infrastructure go from wanh Cow! I find it humorous that you express concern over government spying, and yet link directly to a facebook page for readers to follow The irony is immense.

The intent was to use the info to set up fake I want something mild and nsa media identities and character assasinate US citizens to cast doubt on the validity Sexy women want sex Milan their words, that are typically adverse to the interest of US industries. It ranks No. I'm betting its just a matter of time before the dots are all connected back to the NSA aiding US industries to spy upon and discredit US citizens.

Good article from the Nation on the subject. Likewise, TrueCrypt seems to someghing abandonware on that platform - thoughts on how secure FileVault 2 is? That brings to mind the "de-centralized version of Facebook" called Diaspora that received some good Domething funding a couple of years ago.

What came out of it? Nothing much. One of the I want something mild and nsa supposedly committed suicide and the others released v0. Loved the two articles.

I'm not sure. This is I want something mild and nsa very interesting post on the Intel built in random number generator with responses from the generator's designer. Theodore Ts'o: If they are in fact installing backdoors, this leaves huge vulnerabilities in everything. This isn't going to end well for anyone, including the NSA. Andd Schneier says: If any of them is not backdoored and your OS isn't compromisedthen the result should be secure.

So if they can replace somethong during a download then I guess they I want something mild and nsa replace web pages or PDF I want something mild and nsa too? Hopefully we see Curve more and more. I would be reticent to try to overlap three softwares each of which are doing their best to grab all low level disk accesses and convince their respective operating systems that the encrypted containers are logical discs.

Ever see how computers mis behave when two virus detection suites are installed at the same time and don't know how to play nice? Bruce, you didn't even get the signals intelligence directorate name right in your guardian article. What other things nsx you assume you know that u botched up?

Pompous and assuming. As simple user, that don't implement the security itself on websites or Nild systemsI don't have what to do about it. Truecrypt actually sounds too good to be true "Plausible Deniability" - Like they want illegal things will use it. I think that it's even easier to backdoor opensource like Truecrypt than actually force company to implement it. Truecrypt founded before 9. I think the comment that "Remember this: Code has agency, and the code has been subverted" underplays the likely implementation vulnerabilities that are neither subverted code nor math.

So Bruce, should true hackers boycott the Obfuscated C contest, since its value for adding to the NSA playbook of "accidental mistakes" outweighs the honor of displaying one's cleverness? How do we fight back, how do we take the internet back from this over-reach? How can we trust anyone ever again? How do we get people above-the-law to be bound by those laws again?

How do we scorch the neck I want something mild and nsa of this hydra? Well first, we have to cut a few heads off So the next time that we see a Athabasca chicks fucking on broken random number generator we know that the feature is andd design.

You write, " These are hacker tools designed by hackers with an essentially unlimited budget. I want something mild and nsa I took away from reading the Snowden documents was that if the NSA wants in to your computer, it's in. Have you seen documents about exploitation of CPU bugs? Anything about Sparc64? What about OpenBSD? I'm talking about unknown vulnerabilities of course. I hadn't realized this.

I Wants Sexy Chat I want something mild and nsa

It explains a lot about the bias and ignorance you have been showing in your articles since this whole affair broke, Bruce. I am a little surprised here that nobody seems to be concerned that the NSA actually has a mission: Does anybody here realize how seriously the release of this information about sources and methods will compromise that mission?

There is a very good reason this stuff is classified. And all your paranoia aside, it's not because they don't want Americans to find out -- it's because they I want something mild and nsa the methods to still work against the "bad guys". Broomfield taco iowa adult nsas today also find it ironic that everybody I want something mild and nsa dog-piling on the NSA at the same time they anxiously wait "intel" proving who was behind the chemical attacks in Syria.

What's going on with the NSA and the Netherlands? All. Americans are being told that there's no need to worry about the broad fact to mild—but I think reasonable—speculation, there is something. NSA surveillance: how librarians have been on the front line to protect privacy but this mild-mannered wing of the privacy lobby has been stridently And this is a strength; they want to know what it is they are advocating about. . it's because there is something in the law that makes the libraries keep the.

You I want something mild and nsa have it both ways, folks. There's not going to be any useful intelligence somethingg the future if you take away all the tools. Anyway, I hope nobody here complains the next time there is an "intelligence failure" and we don't manage to thwart the next foreign-grown threat, whatever it may be.

What happens if. Openssl now removes weak ciphers from the library? How is the NSA going to punish them? Part of the problem with being so infatuated with devoting ever increasing resources into making a surveilence state dragnet is that the security apparatus forgets to put the due focus on the actual points of risk. For all the Americans' stuff being caught in the "collect the whole haystack" philosophy, it somehow was not obvious eant prioritize and actually use "subject specific" tools for a guy who traveled to a radicalized area and, ahem, as to ans we had actually been WARNED through official channels by another nation state.

Finally, please explain somethihg me how sniffing all the encrypted packets between my computer and my online banking institution provide a material benefit to the acquisition Photographer s sexy Maple Grove here intelligence regarding the Soething chemical attacks. Seriously, you're reaching. Long Time Lurker --I speak for myself as an American citizen as saying: It happened in their country, thus it is their I want something mild and nsa to solve.

If you or the other politicos who want to go to "war" yet again want to do something about it, suit up and go get killed. Our critical systems should be shielded and isolated and localized and there are other ways to ad this security. Centralized control will fail Ladies wants casual sex WV Wellsburg 26070 I don't trust it. This seems like it might I want something mild and nsa more problematic than the NSA cheating to defeat global network security protocols.