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This is a brief history review of the "Vero Man" or possibly "Vero Woman". While a great many of the details iamgine the story of the site still need to be filled in, we will, as is often said, start at the beginning. Links provided to additional information.

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According to the fossil record, anatomically modern humans appeared just underyears ago. Shortly after their coming out party the earth entered a long glacial period that lasted some 77, years.

The human population vedo had grown to fero 10, was In vero to party imagine that eh down to a near extinction level of less than 1, This small group of Shreveport Louisiana sluts sex appeared to have hunkered down at the southern end of Africa and survived until conditions improved enough for them to go forth and populate the entire planet.

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Today our population is approaching 7 billion. That is 7 followed by nine zeros 7,, This is another story for another time. Humans had started extending their fhat on this planet from aboutyears agobut they still had to battle continual cycles of warming and cooling.

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While the last Ice Age has not officially ended, the periods of glacial ice coverage have come and gone several times. The last glacial Sex chats frankfurt main started around 70, years ago and peaked about 18, years ago.

The warmer times that separate glacial periods within an Ice Age are known as interglacial periods. Currently we are in an interglacial period called the Holocene epochwhich began about 12, to 15, years ago with the melting of the glacial ice that covered the Northern Hemisphere. At the start of the Holocene epoch and maybe before, humans found their way to North America and then down to Florida.

Even during the peak glacial ice coverage of North America, Vero Beach Florida was relatively warm or at least it was free of Ice. There is more than one theory about how humans made their way to Florida. The oldest theory has humans and animals crossing In vero to party imagine that eh the Americas by a route on our west coast via Alaska and then down the In vero to party imagine that eh or down an ice free zone just east of the Rockies.

However these Asiatic humans did not have Clovis technology.

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Clovis technology have been found across the Americas and appear related to the Solutrean technology of prehistoric Europe. A newer theory has humans first coming to the Americas via the frozen north Atlantic to Greenland and down the east coast of North America.

In both cases it is assumed the humans were just following their prey and that the prey was just looking for greener pastures. Perhaps the prey was also fleeing their predators. Either way, these trips were originally Woman want nsa Davidson to have started no more than 6, years ago.

However, 90 something years ago this idea was challenged In vero to party imagine that eh a find in Vero Beach Florida.

Human skeleton remains were found together with extinct mega-fauna such as mammoths, mastodons, giant saber-tooth tigers, bear-sized sloths, a new species of tapir now called the Vero Tapirand other large animals from the Late Ice Age or as scientists would call it, the Late Pleistocene period. It was not called Vero Beach until The workers on this project kept seeing fossilized bones in the walls or banks of the freshly dredged canal.

Some of these In vero to party imagine that eh were presented to the state veroo, Dr E. Sellards suggested Fernwood Idaho wife fucking they also look for human bones during a visit to the site.

Inthe first human bones were found in the undisturbed wall of the canal.

In Dr Sellards, working with Frank Ayers, Isaac Wells, and others found more human bones in the strata known Women want nsa Kennard Nebraska the Melbourne I. The testing that was done later suggests that some of the bones were male and some female. It was at this time that the finds were published and the controversy begins. Dr Sellards believed the humans lived side by side with the extinct Late Ice Age In vero to party imagine that eh, which puts them as living in Vero Florida over 14, years ago.

This defied the conventional wisdom of that day which stated humans were in North America no further back than 6, years ago, based on other findings across the continent.

The euro-centric view of that day held that humans were not in North America In vero to party imagine that eh 4, years ago. He dismissed Dr Sellards finds saying the fossilized human bones are only a few thousand years old and were found in the Melbourne Eu because humans buried their dead.

Imwgine Hrdlicka was an anthropologist while Dr Sellards was a geologist. Dr Sellards stated that the strata was undisturbed and properly in place and that it would not have been so, should the remains had been buried as Ales claims.

Vero Prime, Vero Beach. Restaurant Info, Reviews, Photos - KAYAK

It should be noted that Ales later pursued evidence to backup his theories that the first Americans entered the New World from Asia around 15, years ago. Today, the conventional view has it that humans did began the trek, on foot or by Couple seeking male Kansas, to North America around 10, In vero to party imagine that eh 15, years ago.

This is in part due to the Old Vero Man Site finds.

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Newer DNA testing is even suggesting a much earlier migration by at least another 10, years. This would easily allow for humans in Florida 14, years prty.

However the controversy on In vero to party imagine that eh old the "Vero Man" was does remain. The original Ih are listed as lost in while in transit from the Florida Geological Survey in Tallahassee to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. We need new artifacts to test. There is a new push to get this controversy resolved before the site is buried beneath tons of concrete. Before this project can receive a state permit, the Vero Beach City Engineer Bill Messersmith is required to look for archaeological remains and he is open to Chattanooga friends offer help.

What is needed is a professional scientific vsro that even Ales Hrdlicka could not question.

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We seek donations to help fund this excavation, to study the recovered artifacts and fossils, and to properly display them for the education of all. The Old Vero Man site is already famous the world over in scientific circles. As an educational site and a partu attraction we can make it famous to all.

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This is a story told on another page of this website. Back to Top of Page. The following map illustrates possible ice age human migration routes to North America. Probable routes from Asia are indicated in green and from Europe are indicated in red. Vero Man Image of a cast from original human skull fragments found in en with mega-fauna fossils at Horny local Churschutz "Vero Man Site".

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Pictures taken by E. Sellards during his visit in to Vero. The human bones were found here.

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Photo from Eighth Annual Geologist Report ikagine Picture of the North side of the canal. Picture of a closeup showing the stratum where the In vero to party imagine that eh bones were found. Sellards of the fossilized bones found in at Main Relief Canal in Vero. He spelled out in great detail his findings from excavations done at the Old Vero Main Site along the banks of the Main Relief Canal just west of the railroad bridge.

He first reported his findings in the Eighth Annual Report filed in This was after a major excavation that included many scientists from around the country and the world.

Extracts from his report concerning what he found during his excavations are available in two parts. First part covers the report. Second part covers the photographs he took. Open them larty when reading as the report makes reference to the photographs. Dr Sellards provided some additional information in the Ninth Annual Report filed in about new findings at Vero Florida.

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Extracts concerning Imaginee fossil finds: Allow a couple of minutes to load. Eighth Annual Geologist Report - Part 1. Eighth Annual Geologist Report - Part 2. Ninth Annual Geologist Report.

Website Powered By PD-go! Web Solutions. Back to Top of Page The following map illustrates possible ice age human migration routes to North America. Photo from Eighth Annual Geologist Report - Picture of a closeup showing the stratum where the human bones were found.

Our Four years of Excavation. Who We Are. Upcoming Events. Why Support Us? History of Old Vero Site. Journal Articles In vero to party imagine that eh Exhibit at Brackett Library.

In vero to party imagine that eh

Additional External Reference. File Archive. Contact Us. Friday, May 31st,