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One Maine woman hopes to change that. The crinkled, dark brown plant is abundant on the Maine coast. It thrives in water between three and 20 feet deep.

In other personal lubricants on the market sometimes Irish moss as a minor ingredient, but Curtis said hers will be the only one made primarily from the slippery aquatic plant. Sea ME Lube has just three ingredients: Irish moss, water and a small amount of preservative Poortland make it shelf stable.

Someday, If customers want her product without the stabilizing preservatives, Curtis already has an idea for that: That idea is still far in the future. For now, Curtis is experimenting with natural scents or flavorings to add to the formula.

A few years ago she developed and patented a cor sewing tool resembling a shoelace called the Sewing Lace. It allows young children to sew without the danger of a pointy needle and It also does away with the need to thread one. Sewing Laces are lengths of thread with shoelace-like plastic tips on the end, cut at an angle.

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The angle makes them just sharp enough to pierce most fabric. So, I got really interested in the idea of inventing.

It seemed like a great unity of creative ability and tangible, undeniable value. She wanted it to be eco-friendly, all natural and biodegradable.

It was clear that this device would require some kind of lubrication. He developed and produces seaweed-based Cup of Sea teasas well.

Woodcock, who runs Atlantic Holdfast Seaweedcaught up with Curtis that day and they started working together. Woodcock ajd his living hand-harvesting six different kinds of seaweed, including Irish moss, off Stonington and Isle au Haut.

First, she needs to clear a few governmental approval hurdles, do a bit more testing and product refinement.

Curtis will be on hand to mingle, answer questions and get feedback. Have feedback? Want to know more?

Send us ideas for follow-up stories. More from BDN.

May 31, Troy R. Bennett BDN. Mariah Curtis Mane Portland dips a dropper into a new personal lubricant she's making from local, Maine seaweed.

Mariah Curtis' locally-sourced, hand-made personal lubricant called Sea ME Lube is made mostly from Irish moss, a plentiful seaweed from the Maine coast. Maine inventor Mariah Curtis holds a small amount of a new, seaweed-based personal lubricant she cooked up and hopes to sell commercially.

Mariah Curtis of Portland holds up a new personal lubricant she's making from local, Maine seaweed. You may also like.

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The coast of Maine could get another fish farm. Bangor man charged with manslaughter after December car crash.

Candidate for Orrington board withdraws but still will be on ballot.