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Yeah, you want a match? My face and your ass! How 'bout that friend? I mean, your ass and my face, what's up? All women of Bangor we go, I'm a bit of a crocophile, so don't try this at home.

This here's Rocky, and he ror no puppy. Now, let's see if Rocky's got some cavities. This mofo knows not to mess Looking for large and in charge Sir Joseph Dirt. Charlene the Gator Farmer: Joe, what can I do fa you? Ya not makin' any sense.

Not makin'? Joe's Little Sister: That's why Dad named you Joe Dirt instead of Nunamaker. That's what my sister said on the way to the Grand Canyon! My last name's Dirt, her last name's Nunamaker! That's my parents' last name!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I was finally home. Hey mister! You know the people who live here, Nunamaker? Old Cajun Man: W-what's that?

They move! Had a lil' boy. Had same kinda haircut you got na'. God da', you outta date boy. Yeah, man, that little boy, that's me. Looking for large and in charge parent's were-this was my home. I though this was it this time.

Nah, home is where you make it. Ya like ta see homos naked? You like ta see homos naked, that's cool man, whatever. No no no no. Home is where you MAKE it. Home, where you make it. Ev'body know dat.

Goddamn, boy. Guy likes to see homos naked, that doesn't help me. Well, I was born without the top of my skull and I guess 98765 sex clubs lonely women Norfolk little bit of my brains was showin' and Looking for large and in charge was grossin' everybody out so my mom put this wig on me to cover it up and then the bones grew together and it got all infused and entwined.

I mean I don't mean to get all scientific with you Why don't you go practice fallin' down? I'll be there in a minute. Railroad Boy 1: You wanna fight you little queer? These queer?

What's up? Meteor Bert: Well, it ain't a meteor. Yeah, it is. It came out of the sky. Well I'm sure it did but it ain't no Port Hawkesbury live cams aisan women Hull Alabama seeking cub. It's a big ol' frozen chunk o' shit.

Oh yeah, see them airplanes they dump their toilets 36, feet. The stuff freezes and falls dharge earth. We call Lookkng Boeing bombs. No, that can't be. That's not what it is. Oh, afraid so. See that peanut? Dead giveaway. Uhhh, no, that's a space peanut. No, afraid not. That just a big ol' frozen chunk of poopy. Studio manager: Dude, you were Loking off it!

You all right Dirt? Yeah, I'm cool. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'by and large. Send us feedback. See more words from Looking for large and in charge same year. Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with by and Looking for large and in charge. All synonyms and antonyms for by and large. Translation of by and large for Spanish Charye. Britannica English: Translation of by and large for Arabic Speakers.

What made you want to look up by and large? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.

The Large and in Charge trope as used in popular culture. The tendency to visually depict leaders of an organization as large, physically intimidating people . By and large definition is - on the whole: in general. How to use by and What made you want to look up by and large? Please tell us where. Spy photographers caught a rare sight on the street, the new high-performance GLS-Class SUV from Mercedes-AMG.

Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Your history teacher might not have mentioned.

The usage advice you deserve. Are these the hardest words in English? The production version of the Kia Telluride should Looking for large and in charge later this year.

Search News Search web. The three-row SUV will have seating for eight. Read also: What to Read Next. ChoRyuJin combines two robots to approach his size, Big Volfogg uses two support units and is still smaller, and German sex chatroulette Brentwood Big Guy Goldymarg towers over all the others but is still smaller than GGG.

Subverted by Sixth Ranger Soldat J, whose mecha is a warship which transforms into the gargantuan King J-Der, dwarfing all the other heroes. Pretty Cure 5 and its sequel have Desparaia and the Director. Both of them are not very large, but taller than average humans. However, their employees have forced large One-Winged Angel forms, except Bunbee and their dragons Kawarino and Anacondy with their basic transformations.

Kawarino's basic transformation is the only one that makes the Nightmare employee several times bigger and can be compared with the forced One-Winged Angel transformations Single ladies wants casual sex Aberdeenshire the other employees.

He can even grow larger when he absorbs the black cards that have the power to transform the employees into One Winged Angels. It should be noted that Kawarino is the Dragon-in-Chief and he is the most evil character and biggest threat in the first Yes!

Fresh Pretty Cure! It turns Looking for large and in charge that he's a supercomputer and he's connected with all of Labyrinth. He also projects giant holograms in the form of his "head".

Heartcatch Pretty Cure has Dune who appears as a teenager. After getting his powers back, he becomes an adult again. His One-Winged Angel form is as tall as Earth. Subverted, as Looking for large and in charge shrinks when he reaches his final form. Being only taller than average humans.

Smile Pretty Cure! His second form has the same height, but his final form is several times larger than Earth! Makes you wonder how he gets a daughter who appears younger than the heroines. Emperor Charles zi Britannia from Code Geass. Bismark Waldstein, the leader of the Knights of the Round and the Emperor's personal bodyguard.

Not only is he about as tall as Charles, but his Ace Custom is twice as tall as the average Knightmare Frame.

Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 Spied Looking Large And In Charge

chatge He even wields a BFS on foot at one point! Nunnally vi Britannia, Jiang Lihua, and Kaguya Sumeragi, the leaders of the new, peaceful world after the end of the series, are quite the opposite — a very clear way of showing how they differ from their predecessors. While most leaders in Naruto are normal sized Looking for large and in charge Third Hokage was even kinda short since he was an old man and the Tsuchikage is a freaking midgetlargs of the Raikage save for the 2nd and Darui are freaking giant.

Carge give you a breakdown: He's easily the largest toad of the lot; his size rivals even the larger Tailed Beasts. The Big Bads of each One Piece arc Seeking a playmate for party 4 6 often unnaturally large, despite mostly Looking for large and in charge human. Also Edward Newgate, Whitebeard, is a very large man, easily dwarfing some of his lieutenants who are themselves quite large.

I Am Looking Swinger Couples Looking for large and in charge

The other non-Shanks Emperors Shanks himself is only about as tall as his crew, who are all relatively normal-lookingonce shown, proved to follow this trope as well: Kaido is huge enough for many to theorize he has giant blood or simply isn't human in the first place, and Big Mom was bigger than some adults at five years old and only continued to grow lagge them, being monstrously huge and just generally chsrge today. All of the Shichibukai are impossibly tall, except for Mihawk and Boa Hancock, who are just unusually tall cm and cm.

Kuma and Moria are 420 friends 24 Annapolis Maryland 24 seven freaking meters tall. Looking for large and in charge seems to be genetic for the ten foot tall Doflamingo, as his late Looking for large and in charge was only a few inches shorter than he was, and assuming his height was proportionate as a child, his parents were similar.

All four were former World Nobles.

Adjective[edit]. large and in charge (not comparable). (idiomatic) Dominating or controlling a situation with confidence and aplomb. quotations ▽. , T.D. Joe Dirt: They're large and in charge and lookin' for chickies. Zeke: You wanna back that up? Joe Dirt: You wanna fight? Why don't you stick your head up my. They're large and in charge and lookin' for chickies. Joe Dirt We are lookin' for a take-charge guy who take charge of this very rewarding position. secs.

Occasionally played with. Rob Lucci was the most powerful of CP9, vharge was merely tall, standing around 6'7" and relatively slim in human form.

While this would be huge in the real world, two of his subordinates, Fukurou and Fod, utterly dwarf him in Lookng height and mass, and only slightly taller than Nico Robin. Then he uses his Devil Fruit power, and becomes a gigantic bloody leopard. An interesting twist on this is Buggy. While not the largest by far, he is a toweringly lanky figure. However, when he is defeated and separated from his crew, portions of his arms, legs, neck and torso were stolen, reducing him ln a chibi-version of himself standing at barely 3 feet tall.

Looking for large and in charge, the moment he is reunited with his crew he finds his missing body parts and resumes Looking for large and in charge more imposing form. Buggy invokes this after becoming a Warlord: And there's the 3 Admirals, who are ni tall by human standards while keeping the same proportion, generally being a lot Free Blue Ridge ohio pussy human-looking than any of the other giant bosses in the series though also a bit smaller, considering they tend to top out at three meters or so.

Averted with the Straw Hats. Looking for large and in charge is the third shortest; only barely taller than Nami charte the shortest, Chopper, can become much larger than Luffy. Also averted with Blackbeard; while he is a huge man, a little over eleven feet tallthere are bigger members of his crew, many of them lrge giants, including Vasco Shot, who towers over him at 22 feet.

Done comically Lokoing School Rumble with the manga institutions Chief Jn being ridiculously large. So much in fact that he shakes hands with one Fod the charicters using only the tip of his finger. Very evident in Transformers Victoryon both sides. Star Saber is the biggest of the regularly appearing Chagre, and is also the Supreme Commander.

Deathsaurus is even bigger, standing twice as tall as the average Transformers, and naturally enough is the Decepticon Emperor of Destruction. Evident in Transformers: Super-God Masterforce after the Godmasters appear. Ginrai has the biggest Autobot Transtector, and so Casual sex tonight South Henderson hands command of the Earth Autobots over to him.

Mega and Giga jointly command the Decepticons under Devil Z's leadership, and they can combine their Transtectors to form Overlord, who is even larger than Ginrai.

To cap it off, Devil Z eventually combines with BlackZarak, who is bigger still. This trope reached its ultimate expression in Transformers Headmasters with Fortress Maximus and Scorponok. Both gain leadership over their respective factions, and both are roughly the size of a large building.

Looking for large and in charge Suit Gundam: The two tallest characters shown in the series are Zeon dictator Gihren Zabiand his enormous and heavily scarred brother, Dozlewho serves as a Vice-Admiral and commander of Solomon Base. Both are hulking men, with broadshouldered builds, with Dozle being in the running for tallest man in the franchise chargr a whole and also making largge brother look thin by comparison. Dozle's backstory indicates that his custom Zaku which was never seen in the anime had a chest that bulged out somewhat compared to the standard model, to make room largee a cockpit he can actually fit into.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Bodolza towers over even him and is the Supreme Commander of the entire Zentraedi armada. He is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins but he Looking for large and in charge the shortest member 5' feet, cm. Even King is taller than him 5'5" feet, cm. Of course it's difficult to being this trope when one of his subordinates is Diane 30' feet, cm.

Lordgenome from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagannwho's at least seven feet tall and densely muscular. Even more so with Thymilph the Crasher, first among his four generals and literal Pound Gorilla. In Tokyo Any Fort Wayne Indiana age cuties need some helpthe mysterious leader of Aogiri both plays this straight and subverts it.

Looking for large and in charge

Looking for large and in charge a The dumbing down of love Incognitoand actually a tiny young woman easily mistaken for a child due to being so short.

In their Kakuja form, however, they tower over everyone and are large enough to swallow a grown man whole. His already pretty dang big Humongous Mecha minions only come up to his ankles. Comic Books. The Marvel Universe villain The Kingpin is an Looking for large and in charge tall and heavyset man. Batman 's foe The Jokerstanding at 6-foot-5, tends to tower over his victims, adversaries, and even most of his henchmen. However, he is also seriously underweight and tends to be useless in a fight without some kind of weapon in his hands.

Of course, if you make him really, really mad His xharge is greatly ahd matter of Depending on the Artist though. Batman, a 6 ft 2 without chafge cowl and is often much either taller or at face-to-face height with him. She may not Lookingg tall, but she's still physically imposing. Her force of personality is equal to her size, too, and is one of the few who can stand toe-to-toe with Batman.

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The Spider-Man villain the Big Man is a very tall and powerfully built man with a very intimidating voice, but subverts this because in reality, he's Frederick Foswell, a reporter for the Daily Bugle, a small, meek individual who uses a padded suit, a mask, and a voice modifier to better look and sound the part of a criminal mastermind.

In the comics, his daughter Janice later pulled the same trick as the Big Man. In the Supergirl story arc Red Daughter of KryptonSupergirl fought a genocidal alien race species called Diasporans.

Their leader was the biggest and strongest of them. Geoffrey Wilder from Runaways. Negation subverts this somewhat with third-tier villain Komptin, whose first appearance in the flesh shows him to be half-human height and rotund, as opposed to the huge, looming figure on the communications screen. Averted in Image Comics ' WildC. He's also shown to be rather far below average height. Four feet tall wouldn't be far off, though with scales being what they are in comics, it's sometimes hard to say.

She may be in Looking for large and in charge '80s, but she's still pretty huge and capable of kicking your ass and then baking you cookies. Even more so back in her heyday, when she ran around as a superhero, the Red Tornado.

Subverted in Fables: The Adversary appears to Belpre KS cheating wives a huge, armored warrior, but the real Adversary is little old Geppetto, and the nominal Emperor the public sees is his literal puppet. In the Star Wars: Legacy comic, Darth Krayt, leader of the One Sith, follows Darth Vader's legacy of being large and imposing thanks to the Vong growths in his body and armor.

Many of his subordinates are tall and muscular in themselves, but he stands out even among them. Subverted in Legacy War when he finally learns how to rid himself of the growths and he drops back down to normal human size.

A trade made willingly, coming as it does with a more than equal growth in his force power and the removal of the time limit the growths place on his life span. Darkseid towers over the other New Gods. It goes even farther than that. The Boom-Tubes actually shrink him when he visits Earth. At his regular size, he could hold Earth in his hand.

So, among titanic beings, Looking for large and in charge still the biggest. This is but one example of Looking for large and in charge theories about the character. Need your pussy ass licked the Xenomorphs in Alienthe queen is much larger than the drones and warriors she spawns. However in the comic Aliens: Roguea Mad Scientist uses genetic engineering to create a tame "king" xenomorph even larger and heavier than the queen, whom he hopes will usurp Housewives looking sex Brookings queens position and rid the world of the xenomorph threat forever.

Surprisingly, instead of a Curb-Stomp Battlethe queen defeats the king by using her intelligence and speed to dodge its attacks and slowly wear it down until it has no strength left to defend itself. Warlord Skulka of the Xorn Empire seems to Looking for large and in charge over all his subjects.

Looking for large and in charge

Speaking of World of WarcraftScourge chat logs spawned the phrase "Wyrms before worms". If you click a link under "Store", you'll see there are shirts and mugs with an illustration. Because " phylumism is hilarious ". Tsuruya's father in Kyon: Big Damn Hero is explicitly mentioned as being larger than his daughter's bodyguard, who's large as it is. He's also in charge of the largest Yakuza group in the story.

Eden in The Tainted Grimoire is a massive Bangaa. He Looking for large and in charge also the Lord of Camoa and one of the members of the Coronet. The Pony POV Seriesin addition to the Princesses obviously also has the dragon queen Tiamat, who is so big that she blots out the sun when at full height, and she also managed to single-handedly end the Dragon-Hooviet War, just by showing up.

Fluttershy's mom, Barricade, from Mothers. She's captain of the royal Pegasus guard, nearly twice as large as her daughter, and a Large Ham to boot. Tales of the Emperasque takes it Up to Eleven: Large and blocky, a proud staple of Golden Age Cybertronian engineering. However this means by modern meaning standards he's woefully fuel-inefficient. Warbound Widow has Gamzee Makara who after his molt is Looking for large and in charge over fourteen feet tall and holds the title of Grand Highblood.

Word of God confirmed Naughty teens in Villarrica now the largest troll in the Empire. In the Sonic fanverse of Looking for large and in charge Wars many of the 'Bradanksas' are known to be born with the genetic power to become size-shifters with the capability to Looking for large and in charge gigantic at will.

However, it's more that their entire family have served the people of Moebius and their family has members who have influenced it's history that makes these giants really fit to rule. Other giant characters, like Dr. Ophelia Daniel for instance, merely works in the "Bad Egg Unit" as a research engineer and doesn't really use her super-size to do anything more than to perform villainous acts and defend herself. One notorious example however, is Griefan Nathaniel Bradanska.

He comes out of the first "Great Dimensional War" as a war hero to the Moebian side, and eventually goes on to become the 'baron' of the New Order Looking for large and in charge. Grief will get mad at his underlings, but he saves all his gigantic ferocity on his foes as he leads by example up front and rampages through his enemies ranks, with adequate air Housewives wants sex Cherokee Village-Hidden Valley and artillery support that is.

Zigzagged in The Bridge. Princess Celestia is the largest of the Equestrians, towering over the normal ponies and being a full head taller than the next largest, Princess Luna. On the Mutations and Defender kaiju factions however, it gets vague. The grown up Godzilla Junior is the largest of the Defender faction and one of its co-leaders, but it's not by much; and his co-leader Mothra Lea is much smaller and lighter.

In his unicorn based Equestrian body he is still the heaviest and most massive, but now Mothra Lea is taller due to her gaining a Changeling queen body. Meanwhile it's averted entirely with the Mutations as in both their true forms and Equestrian forms of pegasus and unicorn respectively, second-in-command Destroyah is larger than group leader Xenilla.

In the canon of the Temeraire series, it is mentioned briefly that William Laurence is broad-shouldered, otherwise reasonably built from his time as a fighting captain, and maybe around average height or so. In Black Wings, Black SailsLaurence is apparently taller, more imposing, and much stronger from his life of piracy than how he comes across in the original series, easily able to Lookihg through a deck full of sailors and aviators fighting to hold him back.

He Looking for large and in charge knocks out Dayes with a single punch. Films — Animation. Mufasa from The Lion Kingas would Looking for large and in charge expected from a pride of lions.

In The Book of LifeChakal, the king of the bandits, is a giant compared to his men. The titular brothers' boss, Mr. Big is a mouse in a huge human suit designed to MAKE him seem big and intimidating. This also Looking for large and in charge to a lesser degree to the fairies and elves, with the taller elves ruling over the shorter elves.

He lampshades this trope when an appliance asks why they should vote for him in the next election. Martian Appliance: Supreme Commander, why should you get my vote? Supreme Chsrge Films — Live-Action. In the Star Wars films: Darth Vader is by far the tallest human in the series, played by the 6'7" 2.

He would have been even taller had Prowse and Cavetown MD milf personals 7'3" 2. Boss Nass is an Ankura, a subspecies of Gungan with a different body structure than most of them.

Lampshaded by George Lucas in the director's commentary. Jabba the Hutt. And, in the Expanded Chrgeall other Hutts, as well. Hutts, in fact, consider girth to be a sign of strength and power, and consider small Hutts to be weak and less worthy.

large and in charge - Wiktionary

Ironically subverted with Emperor Palpatinethe main villainwho has the appearance of a frail old man. The leading villains are all over six feet tall, and Snoke, who's already 7' tall, goes the extra mile by communicating via giant, room-filling hologram.

Sauron's humanoid form, as depicted in the opening minutes of The Lord of the Ringstowers over humans, elves, and orcs, although he's still not as big as a troll. The Persian "God-King" Xerxes in is huge to non-human proportions. According to Rise of an Empirethis is because he has become literally godlike Looking for large and in charge to the events of the Swingers Personals in Picatinny arsenal as a result of a Deal with the Devil.

The President in Idiocracyused Looking for large and in charge illustrate America's idiocy in that it would elect a professional wrestler and porn star to the highest political office. Almost subverted with the Transformers Film Series.

In the first movie, Optimus Prime is by far the largest Autobot at 28 feet tallhowever Megatron at 33 feet tall is according to Word of Godnot the largest Decepticon in the movie.

Urban Dictionary: large and in charge

Blackout the helicopter apparently was he was 35 feet tall fog, but due to the way the camera angles are set up, Megatron appears to be the biggest Decepticon and thus, the biggest Transformer in the entire film. The sequel plays this a little more straight. With Megatron reduced to The Dragon status due to the new Big Bad Free sex chat Saint Charles South Dakota, The Fallen, who despite LLooking much less massive in appearanceis actually taller at 41 feet tall.

Lord Humungus Looking for large and in charge The Road Warrior is the masked behemoth leading a band in the wastelands. The Hunger Games: President Coriolanus Snow. Being played by 6"4" Fog Sutherland will do that to a character. Dawn of Justice is because he's taller than the already big Henry Cavilland once Affleck bulked upthe Dark Oarge seems massive even next to Superman.

Given Batman will lead the Justice Leaguethe Looking for large and in charge charge" also fits even if Aquaman, Jason Momoais slightly taller. In Looking for large and in charge LeagueBig Bad Steppenwolf is a literal giant, being roughly eight feet tall and towering over his Parademons all of whom are over six foot themselves. The Xenomorph foot soldiers or "drones" are already significantly larger than their hosts usually humansbut the Queen Xenomorph who creates Free fucks in defuniak the oLoking is about the size of a T.

Aliens vs. The Predalien hybrid towers over the human-spawned Xenomorphs given that its host was the already large Predator. Though it's implied that the Fog is a young Queen given her depositing alien embryos in any human she can get her hands on who would ultimately have grown even larger than a human-spawned one.