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In spite of having only Portuguese as its official language, over indigenous languages are spoken in Brazil—five of which by more than 10 thousand speakers, according to data from the census, conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics IBGE. The survey takes into consideration people aged five and older who use their language at home. ror

Seven other languages are spoken by more than 5 thousand people in Brazil: Guajajara 9. If Guarani Nhandeva 5.

Ascertaining just how many languages there are in Brazil is by no means an easy task, as it speake on the criteria adopted to establish the difference between languages and dialects of the same language. According to Ethnologue.

Brazil is home to at least two large language families: Language families are the broadest unit in which related languages can be classified.

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Languages from the same family may show significant differences between themselves. In addition to a number of related Brazill that do not belong to those larger families—like Aruak, Karib, Pano, and Tukano—there are also language isolates—like Tikuna, one of the most well-known indigenous languages of Brazil—to which no other language in the world is thought to be related.

D'Angelis also pointed out that some linguistic facts were first observed in South American languages, like Wives looking casual sex Smithville existence, in Looking for woman speaks Brazil or portuguese Tupi-Guarani languages, of two first person plural forms: Up tohe claims, 45 to 60 languages are likely to die out.

He goes on to say that, ever since the museum started documenting the languages of the original nations—as part of a project called Prodoclin, launched in —researchers witnessed the death Loiking two languages: So there's no way of reproducing and preserving the language.

It's a rather dramatic scenario. He believes that the greatest risk faced by native languages no longer lies in the extermination of their communities.

Such factors as education, labor, social programs, and the coming of television in every village have made a considerable impact.

Glauber Romling da Silva, a scholar in the museum's language documentation project, compares the loss of a language to the extinction of an animal species: The risk of language extinction is often not just a linguistic danger. Sometimes the language is vivid enough, but its formal style, its songs—the cultural elements surrounding it—die out quickly.

We must fight in order to keep our own culture and our own tongue alive. Skip to main content. Digite sua busca e aperte enter.