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Looking to take you to dinner tonight

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To expand a bit on what's been said so far, either to or for are equally used in this context and are both correct. With the exact wording you have here, I think to is the better option. As for the actual distinction, it's a little fuzzy.

dinnr Although you'd be understood without the addition of the words "over" or "out" this makes it a little more clear. You've been invited over to his house or out to a restaurant, and the reason is to share dinner.

The reason you can use them interchangeably in this context is that dinner is both an event one can receive tonkght invitation toand an activity one can be invited over for. Just to complicate matters a little, to can also be used to refer to intended actions or reasoning, as I mentioned for could in the previous example.

Notice that when I used to it's referencing a verb to help fix However, I dinnfr for when I was referencing a noun for help It is confusing, and most native speakers will have trouble pinning down the actual rule of when they use one Looking to take you to dinner tonight the other.

Your best bet is just to keep listening to sentences that use it until one starts to sound dinned. But, when it comes to dinner specifically, either is fine. I am aware I can opt out at any time.

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Try this simple approach for getting your husband to take you out to dinner. Step 1.

Take time to focus your attention. How was your day?

For a hosted dinner I'd say something more like "I'd like to take you out for dinner. an off-hand comment to a friend like, 'want to go grab a bite to eat tonight?. "I request your permission to take you out to dinner" (by the way, I'd use to) If I say "Hannibal Lecter is having me for dinner tonight", will I ever have breakfast? . Please have a look at the posts that have just arrived at the. 65 Super Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for your Busiest Weeknights. Sit back Make One of These Pasta Recipes for Dinner Tonight and Be Your Family's Hero.

Step 2. Set the stage for a conversation about dinner.

Step 3.