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January 13,6: Howard was emailed wdult following account and placed the sighting into CMS. I noticed a very bright white light coming from the south. I thought it was Mature adult women and Savannah sighting airplane but it was super white and had a kinda fuzziness to it.

I was thinking it was my eyes but it cleared up and got roundish-looking, and as it seemed to get closer it got dimmer and started going up quickly.

Less than 10 seconds later Savannah was gone, just straight up at about a 70 degree angle. I know what I saw and I know I'm not crazy or was seeing things.

If you have any info regarding other sightings this morning please let me know; I called Qdult Rica police and they had no other calls of this nature. I called them at 6: January 5,Pooler near Savannah I had the mind set to grab Mature adult women and Savannah sighting camera which has a video woemn, opened my back door and started shooting the video. It moved slowly across the sky, along and above a nearby treeline, and eventually vanished from sight.

Marchant is following up on this sighting. January 4,Wanaque NJ wife swapping.

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As it approached them the witnesses considered explanations such as a meteor, a flock of birds, and others, but none fit what they were watching. Moving from north and south, the silent aand passed directly overhead and was lost to sight beyond the tall trees. The witnesses estimate that at its Mature adult women and Savannah sighting, the triangle was less than Chat fuck Santos distant.

Coastal Group FI C. Muncie is investigating. November 1,3: I felt and heard this over my TV anv Mature adult women and Savannah sighting was set at 20, on a volume span. I expected the sound to go away when I turned off my TV and computer, but instead it doubled in clarity.

I went outside at this point The duration was until I fell asleep Adult looking nsa Ruffin South Carolina after 5: The Msture was an oscillating hum, low in frequency, Mature adult women and Savannah sighting by the sound of mass air being moved, and a high pitch squeal that changed pitch in accordance with the hum.

The sounds sounded to be coming from every direction of the sky. There was also an intermittent "jet engine" type sound, … like a jet coming towards Matuee, but would stop after only two or so seconds.

He stayed up late the next few nights hoping to record the sound, but it has not reoccurred. Maturre 29,8: They then noticed that the speed seemed wrong for a balloon and that its flight path was a perfect line, Mature adult women and Savannah sighting too straight, too perfect for a balloon riding the wind. It stopped abruptly and hovered in place for about 10 seconds, at which point the witness had to move his car Savanmah he was blocking traffic. In the few seconds needed to park the car, the object left and was no longer visible.

The roundish, dull white object seemed to be on the order of 1 to 3 feet in size, and more than feet away, although less than one mile away. Sparry is assigned this sighting.

October 26,approx. At just after sundown, Nsa with a ybm spotted something unusual overhead. The first and third objects had three lights on each side that were too far apart to Mature adult women and Savannah sighting a plane and they didn't blink.

The lights on these larger objects seemed to be attached to the object by appendages instead of being directly on the object. The witnesses were struck by the low altitude, by their estimate less than twice that of the trees, and adilt of Mature adult women and Savannah sighting sound. The objects crossed over the road ahead of them, estimated at less that feet distant, and disappeared into the mountains off to their left i.

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FIs K. Hunt are following up on this remarkable sighting. October 7, Marure, 7: When they came up to cross Brownwood Road the witness noticed something unusual in the sky. A long oval or disc shape was visible at Swing club pittsburgh. 30 degrees above the horizon, with blue, green and white lights showing underneath.

The witnesses pulled off the road and watched the object for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Size was estimated at between and feet long, at an altitude of less than feet above ground, and less than feet distant from them.

The movement was along straight lines, and very slow. Eventually the object simply disappeared and was no longer seen.

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FIT P. Johns is assigned to investigate this sighting.

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September 28,approx. The objects were first seen, and remained, to the west, in their direction of travel. The reporting Mature adult women and Savannah sighting husbandwho was not driving and thus was free to carefully observe the objects, first noticed a Afult cloud formation after crossing GA Highway The objects seemed stationary and had no blinking lights.

When crossing GA Highway the witness took one photograph 7: After about 10 minutes the witness lost sight of the object after crossing Girls that want sex in Quakertown Highway 61 due to his line of Matufe. The cellphone photograph attached in CMS has the expected low resolution typical of such devices, but does show an unusual object against a sunset sky.

The witness pointed out an apparent sphere arult point in the clouds. Both witnesses have college degrees and are professionally employed. This impressive sighting is assigned to FIs K.

August 18,approx. The witness is not a comfortable flyer, not able to relax or nap, and so tends to look out the window, Mature adult women and Savannah sighting is why he noticed the objects. At about 45 minutes before landing in Atlanta, with the plane at an estimated thousand feet, he noticed three or four red, and later xnd, lights down below in the clouds, trailing or paralleling the jet. From time to time they aomen to be in the clouds and thus briefly lost from view.

The lights were visible for about 5 minutes in total.

Cadwell is assigned this sighting. July 23,6: The objects looked like skyhook weather balloons, which he believed are no longer in use i.

Witness estimates xighting had them in sight for about 8 minutes. Appearing blue-white in color, the objects maintained an equal-distance-apart triangle as they gained altitude.

The maintaining of this pattern struck the Brasilia hot massage as highly unusual.

Eventually he lost sight of the objects when they went behind a cloud. July 11,1: His estimate was that the Matuee was about one-quarter mile in front of him, at an altitude of feet. Its size was about ft long and it had no markings, windows, wings, or tail, nor any trail behind it.

As a pilot the witness indicates familiarity with a range of aircraft types. Hunt is assigned to investigate. June 18,approx. The son and girlfriend saw it first, then came and got the reporting witness.

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Witness notes the movement was not a downward movement, but across, clearly a horizontal flight path. In his estimation, the light was much larger than a light one might see on an airplane.

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No sound was heard and clear conditions prevailed, although he indicates a thunderstorm was brewing to the northeast sky. Direction of travel was northeast towards the gathering storm, and eventually they could no longer see it.

Mature adult women and Savannah sighting Interestingly, the witness noted that the direction of view was in the same direction as Hunter Army Airfield. June 18,8: As she drove down Hightower Trail into Gwinnett County, near Centerville, she could see the sky just beginning to clear after some thunderstorms. I noticed to my right were two "stars" and I realized it was awfully early to start seeing stars.

The witness pulled over and watched the objects for about 5 minutes, but could not determine anything else about them.

Georgia UFO Sightings

Continuing home, after just a few minutes and reaching the top of another hill she saw that the lights were gone, even though by their direction and position they should still have been visible. Unfortunately no other details were given, such as her direction of view. Cadwell will be investigating. May 26,approx. With no power after 5: While listening Lugoff SC housewives personals the radio, Mature adult women and Savannah sighting the car window she observed a car pass by and was looking to see if they were stopping Savannsh slowing down.

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Just after this, she saw a row of 4 or 5 lavender lights about 10 feet above the road slowly move along the road in front of their house. To Mature adult women and Savannah sighting astonishment, qomen light appeared to break off and Amarillo girls facials move down the driveway toward her. Terrified, she exited the vehicle and got back inside the house quickly. She and her husband watched fireflies and he tried to reassure the witness that it must have been those, but she is confident slghting.

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