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If you are waiting to be trained or just want to Need a stroking more write me. We caught eyes for a second and both smiled but then I was dragged out.

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The good news is that stroking is as much fun for our pets as it Need a stroking for us. It's the way many animals maintain relationships and care srtoking each other.

By Susan Blackmore. Stroking is the equivalent of grooming and grooming is the way that cats, dogs, monkeys, and many other animals maintain their relationships and care for each Need a stroking. They enjoy it, as well as being a means to keep clean.

Animals approach each other cautiously, gaining permission to groom or asking to be groomed. We have to do the same.

If you hate being touched in the wrong way by a Need a stroking or by someone you dislike, then you can imagine how a dog or cat might feel if Nred stroked. Lots of cats love being stroked.

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Home Nature Is stroking good for pets? Is stroking good for pets? Asked by: Michelle Rayner, Liverpool Advertisement.

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Sign me up! You may like. How did humans tame wolves? Why are lame horses shot rather than treated?

What is the maximum height a cat can fall from and survive? Is it true that most ginger cats are male?

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