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Nsa with black python you cant take this

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Not malware you find in networks. We find cyber weapons made by creators of stuxnet, duqu, flame. Kaspersky calls Equation Group. We follow Equation Group traffic. Thiss find Equation Group source range. We hack Equation Group. We find many many Equation Group cyber weapons. You see pictures.

ExtraPulsar backdoor based on leaked NSA code – what you need to know – Naked Security

We give you some Equation Group files free, you see. This is good proof no? You enjoy!!! You break many things. You find many intrusions. You write many words.

But not all, we are auction the best files. Regardless, they are a victim of a cyber attack, and we do in fact rush to victim blame in cyber security.

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This is not our regular and immediate default in other cases, and witu should spend some time thinking on that. Gadi Evron. Sign in Get started. AI Latest Top 2.

May 13, Hacker Noon is how hackers start their afternoons. If you enjoyed this story, we recommend reading our latest tech stories and trending tech stories. Never miss a story from Hacker Noonwhen you sign up for Medium. Learn more. Get updates Get updates. So takee the NSA are really fucking stupid or this is some sort of honeypot trap to target some specific or maybe even non-specific hackers and bust them on an espionage charge when they inevitably leak some fake secrets you give them after they become "employees.

Never seen anyone go that far with a honeypot operation. But maybe Anon and LulSec are making them desperate. So I guess it really comes down here to a question of who's more stupid--the NSA for thinking they can tame hackers or the Adult searching online dating Kansas City Kansas for possibly falling for a honeypot. I don't know which is the more scary possibility. Like attracts like.

Tke reply Nsa with black python you cant take this that you don't think the NSA is an organization of black hats. Are you that Nsa with black python you cant take this

One group you can train or encourage to focus on solving problems that affect national Nsa with black python you cant take this, and trust to the same extent you would experts in other fields.

There are a lot of tame I can do not that I'm a maestro by any stretch that would help them, and since I'm really just a total nerd at heart, all they'd have to do is pay me enough to keep me in toys. Sadly, I doubt they allow working remotely, and I really can't leave where I'm at. It scratches most of the itches. To Extreme sex Fairfield Nebraska blunt, the fact that I have a conscience would prevent me from working with such an organization.

I don't really care what cool toys they can hook me up with. Toys are to be enjoyed after essentials like not dealing with the devil are Nsa with black python you cant take this. If they were to ask me to work for them they won't, but let's supposeI'd probably tell them that they don't want me, because I Nsa with black python you cant take this a strong sense of morality.

I consider doing the right thing more important Wife want sex tonight Santa Clara following the rules. They may be looking for people who occasionally cross the line of legality without meaning to do harm, but they don't want people who cross the line of legality meaning to do right. They'd have an army of Bradley Mannings. Put another way Then there are black hats government-sponsored who are totally fucking evil, amoral bastards who would slit their grandma's throat if their commander said it was in the interests of national security.

They would of course have full immunity from any murder prosecution after having slit their grandma's throat. They don't feel evil and no on.

AC, The problem with this line of argument is that if no Nsa with black python you cant take this people work there for that reason, it is bound to be even worse. Nsa with black python you cant take this feel the US military is being horribly misused by US politicans to fight wars whose main point seems to be to line the pocket. The problem with this line of argument is that if no good people work there for that reason, it is Nsa with black python you cant take this to be even worse.

That's the age-old "I'm better off trying to change it from the inside" argument that a lot of people use to morally justify working for an immoral organization.

The problem is that this almost never works. People who start off vowing to "change it from the inside" almost always end up just becoming corrupted themselves. Once you take your first step on the road to hell, each successive step becomes easier and easier. Yes, that is a big risk. You are right that institutions have their own internal dynamics.

Langdon Winner talks about this, how a person not filling their role in an organization will be replaced like we might swap out a bad memory stick in a computer.

So does Noam Chomsky when he talks about Cute nude women in Atlanta New York makes the mainstream media mainstream". You realize that currently the government is obviously over its head WRT computer security.

Having a team of grey hats that can see the challenge of hardening a massive network against a Chinese attack is being heartless? Taking things to the extreme is never good in any argument. I'd like to think that I'm one of those black hats, but that doesn't mean I'd betray either my country or my personal morals. Where the two collide I likely would do nothing or flip a coin. Doing nothing is itself a moral or immoral act in many circumstances, and flipping a coin to make moral decisions suggest that you're some sort of psycopath who has no morality at all.

And then Sexy older ladies in Swan River you decide to leave the fold, they take everything you earned and give you a shit deal for being "reintroduced to society".

Nsa with black python you cant take this

I left the NSA 10 years ago after 13 years and there has been no Nsa with black python you cant take this. I've actually used my bosses as references for later jobs. I hope the NSA is a little more thorough. You don't get to work at the NSA or any infosec govt.

You're quite mistaken if you think otherwise. Which includes credit checks. However, it is a truism that every single traitor in those agencies was cleared, some very extensively. Meanwhile "secret" Woman want nsa East Parsonfield is really nothing more than a credit and criminal records check, no poly required.

Would that be the polygraph of make believe, react to the question not whether you lie or tell the truth. The test that uniform fails with psychopaths now that's going to be really useful or that can simply be defeated by tensing you butt cheeks.

As for the background check, derp, they are blackhats by definition they have done 'bad' things with computers on computer networks.

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The best way to hire blackhats is to monitor all their activities, the employ hire them to conduct criminal activity without the. So the plan is to hire some Houdini's, put them in a cage, and tell them not to escape, huh?

Hope that's a really good lock. Sorry, but there's no reality in your fantasy land scenario. Working for the NSA is quite banal and very typically office-like.

Of course that is an excellent place to be "recruiting" there arent that many Nsz you can find bleeding edge techs all Winnipeg fuking girls one spot. Just try to double-cross the devil. These kids won't know that hit em if they get out of line.

No shit. These are seriously the wrong people to screw with. The mafia would be more likely to show mercy. I have probably been watching too many movies. I admit that. NSA wouldn't run a counterintelligence operation against Americans.

That would be illegal and easy to beat. As for who can be tamed, don't kid yourself. Everybody's human. Beat us hard Ladies looking for sex Bowman ND and we start hating Beethoven. If they did, how Nsa with black python you cant take this you ever prove it? A FOIA request? Denied - national security. A lawsuit? Asking nicely?

Denied - "we can neither confirm nor deny This is a roundabout, indirect way of saying that you're foolish and something is wrong with you if you don't blindly trust the goodwill of unaccountable government agencies with nearly unlimited budgets who certainly have the capability of spying on Americans and running operations against Americans.

Not because it's true or might be true or would fit in with the long history of past abuses, mind you, but because people who are in denial want to feel comfortable about their denial and your doubts make that more difficult. When faced with such a situation, small-minded people Nsa with black python you cant take this attack your character. At any rate, yes it would be "illegal" but without accountability and transparency that really doesn't mean anything.

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How would it be easy to beat? How would you ascertain that without intimate knowledge of the actual methods used? If you somehow attained such knowledge, why wouldn't they change the methods? At some point, they have to admit it into evidence.