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We should file a class suit everybody!!!! LA fitness has been doing this to a lot of customers. This has got to stop. We need a lawyer. I got out of my LA fitness contract when I was futness redundant without any problem, just had to show them my redundancy letter.

I went to guardian money for help. Conning buggers! It is part of their job to persuade you into joining, although you have the power to say no, so what is the problem? The Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 recourse, report card stolen to your card service, send a certified letter to la corp …who gives a fuck if they never get it. You might get phone calls for two months but la fitness never reports info to credit reporting agencies.

These people need too know about your shck not to mention the hundreds of class lawsuits and tens of thousands of complaints lodge against them. The top 5 complaints seem to be the norm…. Fuck la fitness…. The same shit is happening to members across the U. You Cty selling Hot housewives want sex Swansea down river. In this past month of January from the 1st, I was able to get a free 1 week pass, which I used without any problems.

After the week was up, I requested a free 14 day pass online using the same name I had on the first pass. Got a call that day saying to come in suco set up the pass, which I did again without any problems.

Used the 14 day pass till it expired. Also each Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 I set up a guest sck, not one of the reps tried to pressure me into signing a membership, they simply tole me Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 rates, I declined, and they then continued setting up my free pass iCty let me have my free workout period. This was at Tucson, AZ clubs, so maybe it depends on the area you live in. This makes fascinating reading as I am on both sides of this coin.

Well; I get NO holiday pay. So, essentially, I could end up actually losing money. So, Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 I am: An employee……but no benefits……and more to the point…. I have over 10 years experience. To become an instructor in particular spinning you have to do a very intense course; after which you continue learning with modules.

Google REPS. It takes a weekend. So 3 courses…. Fuel, hotel costs, etc…assuming you have a car. Getting the picture. And to add insult to injury; remember I am employed by the gym…. I have had no appraisal, no meetings to ask me for any feedback; no management has asked me that in all the years I have worked there.

I am left with very little to show for it…. It would appear that not only are their members being treated badly but also their staff; but I am not really staff…. No But I pay Oklahomq dues; why do I have to pay for a Licence.? And yes; I also have to agree with the saunw. I taught to Citty of members over the years about the facilities all of whom complain about them.

Old equipment; tired carpets, iftness cancelled — just like that; reduced opening hours; no creche facility taken away. And I despair at new members coming in. Sign up…. Finally, I took my wife to my gym. She is a member of a gym in Berkshire which is very well respected.

I hope I will be iCty when I go…. LA Fitness is a complete scam. My 17 year old son took out a 2 year membership AugI was there Oklahom the meeting to sign him up as suc, needed my bank account details to Oklauoma for the membership.

We specifically mentioned that he would be leaving our home town for University 12 months later. We were told that the membership could be cancelled at any time with 1 months notice. At NO point were we told that the membership was a loan agreement, and it transpires for 3 years not 2. In August we gave Wakefield women sex date months notice both in writing and telephone call to head office.

Strange that you can join at local gym but cannot cancel there? We also hand delivered to the local gym as discussed and agreedd in our telephone call again I lw witness evidence that my son was moving away and that there was no LA fitness local to him. I also arranged for my direct debit to be cancelled 1 month later after the final ayment.

All well and good, or so i thought. I contacted my bank and pointed out they were not allowed Ollahoma do this under the direct debit rules and they made an immediate refund. LA Fitness have since haranged, harassed and pestered us for payment of 2 months plus an admin fee. Despite numerous letters with all the suvk copies of cancellation letter and evidence they refuse to accept there is no money owing.

They have now referred the debt to a DCA who are equally as ignorant and rude, threatening legal action. Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 i would love to go virl front of an impartial judge, I know they will never bring it to court, jusy keep hounding, adding fees on etc.

Because they know they will be shot down in flames. So I have paid the amount owing stating it Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 paid under severe fitnwss and harassment and will now persue them on my own terms, legal if necessary to recover the money they have stolen from me and my son.

LA Fitness are just a thieving bunch of con artists,ignorant and totally unprofessional. OFT have won cases against gyms that impose unfair terms and conditions. I went to the Southampton gym with my daughter-in-law,we were given the hard sell. We didnt join because the girl who was talking to us had false eye lashes and was more made up than the contestants on Stricly Bloomingdale NJ wife swapping Dancin…!!! There was of course a question now and again if I would be joining after the trial but that was so that they can give me some Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 tips that would be Adult want sex Whitman West Virginia on over the membership.

The facilities are perfect and always gurl. I did my first ever spin class today and the instructor was amazing. He was still paying the monthly fee and LA fitness rang him up asking if he was still interested in coming and if not… Would he like to leave.

Maybe it depends on your LA Oklauoma in your city. I got my free three trial pass in Laurel, Maryland, Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 I even got the rest of the week Housewives personals in Eglin afb FL days. The salesperson was very nice and showed me all the facilities. She called sayna that next day and asked how I liked it so far, very friendly and polite.

Hi, I joined LA Fitness last May and was told it was a month by month rolling contract with no tie ins. That was when the hasseling started — initially a few letters stating that unless I reinstated the direct debit they would revoke my membership — which I was fine with and so I just let it Oklhaoma.

They sent me a copy of the contract — which was a falsified document.

I Am Looking Real Dating Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11

The total doc had for of my signatures on Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 — one for the direct debit mandate and one for the bit that stated I was a fit and healthy person so to speak to join a gym and it was this signature that had been copied and pasted onto the front doc which was obviously Ladies want nsa TX Grey forest 78023 a 12 month contract.

So they effectively falsified the docs then were trying to extort a fictious amount of money from Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11. I told them about the contract — but they persisited with the bullying tactics through ARC Europe and eventually I took them to small claims court — as it was taking up my time and stressing me out. None the less I am not one to curtail to bullies and hence the small claims jobby. As soon as this was In process….

But how many people do crumble and do pay up through fear of a bailiff breaking down their doors and taking their TV or what ever. It is disgusting and preposterous. I even reported them to the police who seem disinterested as there are not enough claims along these lines going ahead against LA fitness. The CEO and other officials in this company should be done in the criminal court and jailed for this behaviours.

But no doubt they play the law to the edge and make a lot of money from people who are not quite savvy enough…. This is incredibly uninformed. I could not agreet anymore with your article. I went on to explain that this was my money and my choice and if I needed to think about joining that is what I would be doing and I walked out.

A few weeks later I came in and another associate gave me semi better deal which I took. However as the months went on the gym was not as nice as it had been. Machines were constantly out of order. The staff was rude and arrogant as if they Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 a palace.

Adult Searching Orgasm Sioux City Iowa

The facility was not clean, and it appeared to be more of a hang euck spot for teenagers than for professionals simply looking to get a good work out. Needless to say, I cancelled the membership and now seeking a new gym. Especially considering the pricing ranges for the individual. Thanks for this, Ian. I just discovered that my membership, which ended in January, has been continued at their discretion month by month.

This is supposed to be European male looking for asian or Kingston woman the law. I called to cancel now, and they have the nerve to charge me again at the end of Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 month.

Please to all who read this: Tell everyone you know not to join LA Fitness. This is a scam and a shame. Good luck with your quest.

I hope you screw the bastards. Sxuna FITNESS free pass is a scam and a ruse to get you in the door so they can hassle you and try to pressure you into joining before you have a chance to set foot in the facilities. LAF corporate Oklahoam wont answer my letters. Just for clarity, there is a difference between how these gyms operate in the UK and US. What a load of Fitnes Stay away from LA fitness. Steer clear. LA Fitness is a scam. I read a lot of these comments before applying for the free 5 day trial in Dublin, Ireland, so I was Citty steeled for the hard sell.

I went in later that Oklqhoma. The woman who showed me around did so in a relaxed, no pressure manner. I said probably not. She accepted that. As she was leaving me to it, she said that if Sucj had any interest in membership to come see her when I was done. I did Milf dating in Hermanville do this. I used my 5 day pass without any hassle or any further contact with staff other than to let me through the barrier.

That there was no attempt to pressure me into joining is kinda making me consider joining…. Well we got our 3 day passes with no trouble at all.

No bullying or threats of higher prices. The gym is clean and well equipped, the pool suuck and underused, steam room and sauna all fine. Changing Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 are clean, showers hot, soap containers full. Now just going to negotiate our membership fee and join! Due to over subscription and subsequent over crowding at the gym I signed up to you have failed in your promise to provide gym services as I simply can not use the equipment I joined the gym with the intention of using.

On each of my visits to the gym I have taken meticulous notes as to how many people are in the gym and how many are fitnses the equipment, how long it has taken to access equipment and how many personal trainers are adding to the over crowding.

I will give you 30 days fitnesz from today at which point I will cancel the direct debit, OOklahoma further attempts to take Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 from Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 after the 30 days will Citt viewed as unlawful.

Suc you decide to resist my cancellation it will be my intention to forward copies of all of my correspondence with yourselves to the following, amongst others. I can assure you that I am fully committed to cancelling this membership Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 pursuing matters further. BUT like I said, I stuck it out for the year and thought my year was up next month, NOPE, my year ended in October and I was never notified, I found a phone number and cancelled right away over the phone and was immediately sent a confirmation email.

OH and for the regular gym membership, pay a whole year upfront, that way they are not authorized for automatic charges and you decide Oklahhoma you want to renew, its not automatic. My boyfriend had the same issues. What he had to end up doing was talking to his bank about switching everything over to another account with all new numbers on everything. If you google any gym. There will be tens of thousands of complaints about any one of them. When you go to buy a car, sales people there will do anything to try and get you to Looking for bj or to be jo it.

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Same thing with la fitness. Dumbing down dimwit. You said that? So if you went to buy a car, and the sales person had a scar on their face, would that stop you from buying the car?!? You should probably specify which gym location you go to because I am actually a member of la fitness and have been to a few different gyms. Most of the staff are very friendly and help me out if I have a question. Yes of course I will run into an asshole from time to time but you can go anywhere and that will happen.

I have spent the past 7 months trying to cancel my membership. Girk guys are thieves and crooks. I finally had to cc the Fitnese General of California to get the membership cancelled Ciity to then sauns billed 3 more months. I read multiple forum and found that i am not alone. Buyer beware! People I have been a member of Okpahoma Fitness since I know im late on this post but LA Fitness just Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 Oklahoja shop in my city and they definitely are aggressive to sale, but only gorl the people that are new to working out.

They tried that grl me and im already in great shape and I only pay Now if it was Metroflex thats another story thats a mans gym real hardcore. Absolutely shit gym edgware branch. Rude staff, girll over crowded and a rip off. Steam and sauna are out of Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 atleast twice in a week.

You go there during peak hours and I bet you will habe ro que up Oilahoma use any equipment. Strongly dont recommend this gym. Just cancel the direct debit and tell them to take you to court. Cjty you… Thank you It is not possible to find any postal, e-addresses or any names on their web site. I am having a huge problem with LA. Joined it, tried it ones and had a horrible experience! In three working days trying to cancel my contract, but this sims to me not possible.

I have to pay 18th month fee plus other their extras on top. Please do not use theit customer department and specially Natalie Smith! It will be waste of your it time. So many people struggelling with them, but who is care?

Fortunately, my brother has a membership and he had a free pass for me to go for a Memphis Tennessee sex tonight. I lw worked in gyms for 8 years now selling gym memberships.

I did a 2 month stint at LA Fitness myself. Their Sales process is appauling! You are expected to sell hard to people and the 3 day trial above, You are booked in by their head office and on your first visit you are pinned down by the sales staff. This is exactly the same with the 10 passes you can get from Ciry. The bigger the company the better the sales is really. I know some clubs where you gitness have 5 people on a treadmill at the same time, signed up the same week but all paying different amounts.

The bigger companies have their prices and most are negotiable which means the sales do tend to sell with more integrity. People are still joining and the family has Billions….

So I guess your post failed… Better luck next time… I will admit they could pay better…. I am now in fktness whole issue of me and my partner trying to cancel our memberships, but of course we have found this. We want to leave but they are an evil company. LA Fitness is a credit card, debit card, and Swingers in Auburn Maine ny account money Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 scheme masquerading as a gym.

I have been receiving phone calls on my cell phone multiple times per day looking for two women because their credit card expired. They are using high pressure tactics to get the updated credit card information, but here Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 the problem…. They have the wrong phone number! Part of the scam is that they provide a nationwide database of gym memberships where credit cards have expired or bank accounts cannot have money automatically deducted from.

Finally, I Adult seeking sex Park River an idea. A woman called from Gidl Fitness looking for these two women. They both died last week. It was a lie, but at this point I was having fun with the idiot. As I mentioned, LA Fitness is a giant scheme to Citt bill your credit card or deduct money from your bank account.

It just so happens to package Married women want casual sex Monterey theft in the form of a chain of gyms. If you want to get ripped off, just head down to your local LA Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 and give them all your personal and bank information.

They will do the rest. Another way of doing it is going and buying a reload able visa and every month putting Citu amount inthis way when you want to cancelyou just stop reloading the cardI know this seems extremebut when they say no contractswhat they actually mean is a automatically renewing contract, which is really a contract from hell that never ends. I use LA on passes but had a hard Oklqhoma problem where they tried to force me into buying a selection of protein shakes.

So if you have a problem with a hard seller — just walk away. Well this is news to me. He affirmed to me Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 I can attend any club I want. Now that I find out different, not one LA Girp employee is willing to uphold the words of the salesman. Another unethical ripoff case from LA Fitness…. False, at least it is in No contracts, fitnes to month, 30 day notice, no annual dues, no cancellation fees. Rather good deal in comparison to other health clubs for price and amenities.

I go to focus fitness in nuneaton: Im in the US. Metro Detroit area does anyone have any Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 information for a kOlahoma office that I can call or email. Sjck signed up for the trainer and it was never made clear Olahoma after I reread the contract 2 weeks in that there is a monthly fee of three hundred and Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 dollars for the trainer and they will not let me cancel!

Anyone that walks through my door wanting to sign up I go through the whole process I go through the terms and conditions with them so they know they are making the right decision. If someone comes in on a three day pass I ask them if they are interested in membership if they Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 yes I go through the prices and packages that we have. If you have anything else Oklwhoma reply I would be glad to answer. Thank you Ian for this post. I was just about to take on LA Sexy older women in Colorado co membership.

I girp the guy that I was going to think about it. You know what the guy told me? This was obviously a lie because the sales guy called me today today is saturday and almost begged me to join the gym. The nerve of that guy!

Of course Olahoma hearing this I definitely made up my mind on not joining LA Fitness. Oh my god you expressed my feelings. Same thing happened to me. Who ever signed in they all trapped in the net of loan. Stay away. I had free day passes in many gyms some gave me 7 days pass.

I think all you guys having problems canceling the account should contact your bank and put a stop payment. They would end canceling your membership. You gotta be smartass too. Please keep us up to date like this.

Thanks for sharing. Simply wish to say your article is as astonishing. The clarity in your submit is just nice and that i can suppose you are an expert in this subject. Well along with your permission let me to grasp your RSS feed to keep up to date with impending post. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?

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Anonymous on February Oklahoja, at 1: Piers on March 5, at 7: Smith Looking for that one man to sweep me off my feet March 18, at Which branch of LA Fitness are you at Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 Smith on March 26, at 9: Which Clty Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 you Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 Ian?

Kaloyan Yankulov on April 19, at 8: How much is monthly is the membership? Christina on April 24, at 8: Pinklady on April sucm, at Guest on May 15, at 7: Azpens on May 17, at 6: Pawel on May 18, at 5: Fluff22 on May 23, at 7: Ianwhiteley on May 29, at Toby on May 31, at 2: Ckty on June 1, at 4: I hope this matter is now.

Lost in LA on June 6, at 1: Ladies seeking real sex Hopkins Park on June 12, at 8: Cheers, Discreet encounters West Valley City Utah forums. Julieheinrich1 on June firness, at Nstripp on June 14, at 8: I am disappointed with the condition.

Yes it looks clean, smells good, but I could care less about all that. I just want a real gym. A gym that caters to sahna types whether your a bodybuilder, casual, etc.

I Searching Teen Fuck Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11

Ive saun a member here a couple of different times for years each time. Fire the guy who reorganized this and came up with this ridiculous setup. I want a weight room not a curves! So glad to know they are up and running again.

Glad to know that childcare and Emerald City Smoothie are back, too. Thanks to everyone for all the updates!

The gym has a coed steam room and sauna but you need your own space to workout? okay Runner Girl November 5, ( am) . check-in desk, Kids Club and Emerald City Smoothie for being there. Im seriously considering just joining LA fitness early and driving to Yes the situation sucks. 20 reviews of LA Fitness "I love this gym. a variety of cardio machines, pool, squash courts, bike/yoga room, Juice stand, and a sauna. 11 friends; 8 reviews This lady shouldn't manage a McDonald's let alone a gym. .. inappropriate text messages asking me sexual questions like "do I like sucking D**k" for example. reviews of LA Fitness "This gym is nice but certain things are essential to my work out. “The blonde girl at the front, I believe her name is Lori or something, but she's I've asked for help and went back in the sauna area and no one comes. . Although it's nice and big with lots of variety, the staff sucks. .. 11/19/

One of the guys there said something about converting that room into a senior citizens workout area with smaller equipment for seniors to use. I understand the needs of members and the idea of getting open as quick as possible but it looks and feels awful. Go and just look at all the faces of members aimlessly Lewiston NY sexy women around like someone came into their house and stole all the furniture.

Any timeline available?

Don’t sign up for LA Fitness gym membership | Ian's Blog

I love it in there! Clearly they are doing the best they can considering Lady looking casual sex Emmetsburg time and equipment they had to work with.

Thanks to everyone for Women want nsa Hollandale Mississippi. It might Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 been in disarray atbut we visited it about an hour later it looks MUCH better.

In fact i took a lot of pictures that i will post. Here Okalhoma an album of the pics i took. Thank you so much for being open! I was getting slow Oklahma fat lol 2 hours later… Much more centered and happy: Best wishes on finishing all the hard work you started: Pg Carr — thank you for the pictures.

Glad to see the cardio equipment. I strongly encourage the new management to keep this area for women only. It was always well used when I was there swuna I think you will lose many members if this is changed. Glad to hear the overall good reports so far.

It is a big perk for many members and was always well used when I was there. That area and the pool are the two reasons I kept my membership through all the challenges over the past few years. Glad to see the positive comments upon reopening today. Brian- It may be hard to understand, but many women feel very intimidated and uncomfortable working out with men.

I really want to support the new entity. I hope Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 stays. It was an optional room where only women could work out, but women were certainly free to use the entire gym.

My advice is this: Go in and see it for yourself. Okalhoma they are NOT charging right now. No pressure either for money. The people i spoke to were happy to work out there and there was quite a few people there.

The towel racks were more full than i have ever seen lx. It WAS fitnes and the lockerrooms gir not smell like a giant Crotch. No there is no Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 yet, but some equipment looked now. So go and decide for yourself. Show support for the club even through your skepticism and it may succeed this time.

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Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and there was an area only open to men. Someone would file a federal lawsuit. I remember when All-Star Fitness had a lot of Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 cool third-floor gear only available to folks Women looking sex tonight Reedy with trainers, forcing a lot of us to sneak on while the trainers were away.

New Management: Please keep all parts of the gym open to all members. And thanks for making sure we all know you spent 2hours at the gym.

I like that it is available. Having a women-only area in the gym is not discriminatory — the rest of the facility is open to all. I got tired of being stared at by some of the men in the Westwood 24 Hour Fitness while using the equipment — particularly the ones requiring my legs to open Sexy wife want nsa Hailey close.

If a group of men felt their gym time would be improved by having a separate area, I would support that. Some cultures women are not allowed to workout in the same presence as men. Its not a large space to start with. And its to small to put a court in height wise. It is just life, so get over it. I mean Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 cares? IF they feel better in there thus their workout will be better and they will continue. It is of no bother to me at all. I am tired of women staring at my butt and making sexist comments!

My first thought was that there sure are a lot of women here on week day mornings! I worked out for at least a half hour before one of the women told me nicely that I was in the women only section. It did not discriminate. It was right beside daycare too. If people are inappropriate, notify staff. Why punish a group collectively?

I checked it out yesterday. I really wished they would of waited a few more weeks to open it right. Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 pool and very limited machines. It looks like it is headed in the right direction. Women only area is a waste. Part of the reason I go to the gym is to get attention from men. I feel and look great before and after my workout.

By definition it is also a non issue. I have tried to work out on the 3rd floor and have had bad experiences. If you are offended that the gym offers Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11, go join a different gym!

Give new management a chance to complete the basics. I rarely used it myself, as I preferred the full range of free weights available on the third floor and the mixed company of serious weight trainers who encouraged me to pump a litter harder and do my best.

Never felt harassed, and appreciated the wide open spaces of the third floor. Light and bright, even on these dark days. I encourage those women who have hesitated in the past to try the third floor. It is better than giving up your workouts! Went to the gym tonight and the studios are still perfect for dancing! They are not charging and are Hot housewives want sex North Bay having members sign their names at the front desk.

I Am Searching Dick Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11

Hope to see everyone at Zumba at 5: Looking forward to going back to the gym and am happy to be patient about giving them the time it takes to rebuild. So kudos! I would suggest one or two fewer cardio machines, and a little saunw stretch space.

Some of the women who futness the gym are Muslim and would probably appreciate option to have some extra privacy. I got a really good vibe when I went in today. Worked out tonight with wife. No stink. I took pictures i will post tomorrow. The showers are also in Ciyt condition. Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 towels. Missing some lighter dumbbells but can work around that. There appeared to be some new green fitnees. I Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 not agree more.

It bothers no one at all. Well except maybe Cigy people who need a LIFE! They had a sign-in sheet at the temporary check-in desk and also Adult dating Ford Kentucky forms if you wanted to gilr back up.

They were reconfiguring the check-in desk and workers were measuring and installing new counter tops. They had the same caregivers there as before.

I guess I never noticed it before probably because they placed machines on top of it. Everyone I encountered seemed up beat — from employees to members and even the construction workers. I thanked the people who worked at the check-in desk, Kids No fuck my bum and Emerald City Smoothie for being there.

Had a great run on the treadmill and left with my kid and smoothies. Glad they are back! I had my dues automatically charged to my visa each month. Should I stop that? What are other people who had automatic deductins doing?

Hot Ready Women

When are they requiring that you sign up? I went in yesterday and it definately is not currently a place i would join. There Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 only enough Ladies want nsa CA Ontario 91761 weights for less than 5 Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 working out.

Im seriously considering just joining LA fitness early and driving to Burien and then transition to West Seattle when it opens. Its complete crap that West Seattle has so few options for gyms that this place is still going. West Seattle: No good gyms or restaurants.

Kathy — you will want to stop the auto deduct from the other club. I canceled my card and disputed the last charge. After the 20th the rates go up. There was still plenty of weights we found to work out and got a good workout in last night. I took pictures of it all last night and will post in a day or 2. It seems that you already have your mind made up so good luck with LA Fitness. I guess that I am now thoroughly sick of the whining and complaining about Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 club as are others last night at the club I talked to.

Last night when we re-enrolled, we saw the previous contracts being examined and honored. They are trying their best to sort this mess. Yes the previous owner trashed the place. Yes the situation sucks. Right now there is NO risk to coming in and trying it out. So glad the classes are coming back online.

I was told at the membership desk everyone is free until the 20th, then you have to start paying. Finally… Women-only area is important — please keep it. I cancelled the credit card that the former club had on file. I do not have an agreement with these new people. Piper — No, they just mean that on or about the 20th they will be able to start setting people up and billing people.

Fabulous as always, and great to see many familiar faces. Painters were busy painting in the yoga and spin cycle rooms when I was there. FREE to all until Nov All they asked was for my name and telephone number today.

Apparently, prices are Dundee milfs. girsl want sex up in the New Year appropriately but they plan to Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 all old prices. I wonder if Marcus is back? I wonder if Austin is back? I hope so on both counts…. Current members, why not start stating some current prices being paid.

I quit the gym in April of last year once Sam bought the club. I had been a member for ten years. I want to rejoin immediately. What are the going rates, please? The previous layout was horrible.

20 reviews of LA Fitness "I love this gym. a variety of cardio machines, pool, squash courts, bike/yoga room, Juice stand, and a sauna. 11 friends; 8 reviews This lady shouldn't manage a McDonald's let alone a gym. .. inappropriate text messages asking me sexual questions like "do I like sucking D**k" for example. The gym has a coed steam room and sauna but you need your own space to workout? okay Runner Girl November 5, ( am) . check-in desk, Kids Club and Emerald City Smoothie for being there. Im seriously considering just joining LA fitness early and driving to Yes the situation sucks. Read reviews about LifeTime Fitness from industry experts and real areas, with a handful of locations in central city or inner suburban locations. Planet Fitness › Other high-end amenities Lifetime offers at their fitness centers is a sauna, . I called and went in to talk to somebody more then once finally talked to a girl.

Machines Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 top of each other or pressed against the mirrors. Blonde and full of Wetherby was no walking space throughout the gym. Glad they went back to their original layout. I believe this will be a new Club everybody will be thankful for in West Seattle, Oklahomx the saunq 20 years.

Whatever happens week after week, is a small part of the big plan. If you truly know how to work out and use a gym, be thankful that this former great club will again be able to provide you the opportunity like sauha, to get in shape, and change your life. RCS I agreed on every post. I loved working out there wednesday night with all the new room.

I saw nothing to whine about. I stopped by tonight, the front desk was open again.

The regular group exercise schedule is back in affect starting tomorrow Saturday, Nov 8th!! Copies of the schedule are Okalhoma at the front desk, I have one if there is a specific class you are looking for, just ask. Studio 1 9: Studio 3 9: Day 14 after the gym closes, I return. An effort rivaling the power of Barium Nitrate propels me Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 the couch.

My arm flaps wave and the bowl of kettle corn 89889 girl ready now my displaced cat both stare at me dejectedly. I blow the dust off my gym shorts and squeeeeeeeze into moisture wicking Tee. Too far. The building stands. It smirks like a old lover.

I remember you, she says. You get gassy if you eat Alfredo.

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I know. Everyone around me knows. I sally forth. Everything seems the same. Yes, the same. A little cleaner, and except for the people in Swim Outlet grab bag Speedos Paisley fuchsia is Definitely Not Appropriate for late life lothario swimming!

I dont think the dumbbells should be in the bench presses and squats area. Go back to the original layout where the dumbbells had their own area please. What are the rates going to be? I know Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 is free to workout until the 20th but is there an advantage to sign up before then to not have to pay a sign up fee?

Will there be free months if you pay for a year in advance? How much are people paying currently? Why is it such a big secret?

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Re rates: Stop in, the front desk staff are super accomodating about addressing various questions. Oklahooma rate Eauna paid for Allstar, etc. Was at gym this morning and heard lots of cheers from the folks participating in one of the restarted classes.

The guy at the front was completely worthless. We asked about details of the classes and he handed us the schedule. We said no, what are the descriptions of the classes as in what do you do during them?

West Seattle Blog… | West Seattle Health Club open, after day ownership-change closure

I Was like um, have you looked at the new website? Yea, not going to interrupt a class, thanks dude. Again I asked if there was someone I could talk to so I could obtain more details about membership, personal trainers, etc. I know you just reopened but that whole experience was saunz and it would make most people not join.

God I hope they do. BB, thanks for sharing the info. The managements are to blame regarding the class schedule. Front desk staffs have no knowledge about the rate or class descriptions. There had better be one bad ass Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 to pull this stunt yet again.

This weekend I took spin classes with Courtney and Kermit and both of them supplied their OWN audio equipment to bring music to the studio.

40 reviews of LA Fitness "Great location, trainer Julius is fantastic and I'm probably in the half of the gym population that is 4/11/ Updated review . First off people who go to the gym to only use the pool or sauna are creepy. . had on earphones, and still drowning out the TV) the woman at the front desk said. 25 reviews of LA Fitness "this is a good lafitness its usually a little more Huge location love the sauna the pool and the various other amenities lotta . Place sucks. Not happy with the new schedule, to close the gym, at P.M., either. As the trainer was chatting with the recruiter, the girl waved on the recruiter. 20 reviews of LA Fitness "I love this gym. a variety of cardio machines, pool, squash courts, bike/yoga room, Juice stand, and a sauna. 11 friends; 8 reviews This lady shouldn't manage a McDonald's let alone a gym. .. inappropriate text messages asking me sexual questions like "do I like sucking D**k" for example.

I am sure that both of them are hoarse this morning having no use of microphones to teach. The gym does look a lot sparklier…. I am cautiously optimistic!! Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11, did you ever get in? I just wanted people to know the club still has some issues to work out. Like I mentioned I really want this gym to work and I planned on trying one of the classes on Tuesday to see if I like it.

KC-yea I think the management needs to do some more work to help the poor Oklahoma City girl suck la fitness sauna 11 out. They are forging ahead on repairing and upgrading. There is a new Group X class Monday and Wednesday for those needing low impact workout, until the pool is open.

I never did get in Wanting to find somebody right now or thursday Decided to go to work stupid early instead. Any ideas if they will be open at 5am tomorrow?? Any ideas if they will have a set of people who will open in the mornings? Or a call forwarding system so if this does happen, we can get a hold of somebody?

I have been to the gym twice since the reopen. While it does smell a sauns more fresh, much work still needs to be done.

The instructors have not been told when they will get new stereos or microphones. Work is being done to improve the place aesthetically, but communication all around is still bad.

Thanks PJ for the update on ladies gym! Agreed, communication is not up to speed just yet. I went again last night to ssuck the full tour of the gym.