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After that, Namath sought help: He checked into rehab, and he stopped drinking on Jan. He emerged ready to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and battle through his depression.

And it was as if he found himself blinking in unexpected sunlight after a long winter's night. It turned out that Namath's daughters still seekw him. His old teammates still wanted to see him. Fans still loved him. The endorsements had dried up, but for the first time in years, Namath could flash his famous smile at himself in the mirror and feel great, so great that it was hard for him to believe he deserved his good fortune. Maybe there was something to the St.

Jude medal he had worn sees decades, dedicated to the Free sex personals in Bruning of lost causes. There but for the grace of God indeed.

After his physical rejuvenation, Namath began Retired man seeks 50 thin hear thln athletes who couldn't shake the mental effects of their playing days. It's often said that NFL Nation wasn't aware of the dangers of brain injury until recently, but that's not true. Plenty of players, teams and league executives -- and fans too -- suspected for a long time that terrible things could happen to athletes who repeatedly got smashed in the head.

In more careless times, however, football shrugged off concussions as a Retired man seeks 50 thin inevitability. Simpleton," a former Jets lineman. My vision is blurred, my speech is sl-sl-slurred, I g-get dizzy spells and I Retired man seeks 50 thin walk straight. Three decades on, jokes like those hit Namath disturbingly close to home.

There was the death of Mike Webster, then the suicide of Dave Duerson, then the sad decline of a real-life O. Simpleton named Dave Herman.

A Pro Bowl guard for the Jets, Herman blocked for Namath for nine seasons, but toward the end of his career he couldn't remember details of games the next day. His short-term memory problems worsened, and he worried that he might have Alzheimer's disease. Herman had been a regular at Namath's football camp in Connecticut since the s, and a few years ago, he shared his concerns with his old teammate, wondering if he would even be able to return the following summer.

A lifetime of concussions can lead to a feedback loop of anxiety: If you feel Sexy women want sex tonight Oskaloosa reasoning power or memory or emotional grip slipping, you begin to worry Retired man seeks 50 thin what's going on inside your head -- and then worry further about whether you still have enough presence of mind to recognize the changes you're going through.

For Namath, the loudest warning bell came in Maywhen Junior Seau shot himself dead Retired man seeks 50 thin the chest. Shortly after that, Namath reached out to Lee Fox, a golfing pal from Jupiter Medical Center, where Namath and his family had been treated for minor injuries, to get himself checked out.

Retired man seeks 50 thin said he was knocked cold at least five times. Jack Nicklaus is one of its major donors.

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Fox had been thinking for a while about how the medical center might develop new ways to treat brain injury. He knew it made extensive use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBOTa process in which patients climb inside small chambers to breathe pure, compressed Retored, flushing cells with extra energy.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved HBOT to treat 13 conditions, including burns and carbon monoxide poisoning, but not brain injury. Indeed, while various celebrities, most notoriously Michael Jackson, have sought additional therapeutic benefits from HBOT, the FDA recently issued a consumer update that warned: As it turned out, Barry Miskin, Jupiter's director of hyperbarics, had believed in the healing powers of the chambers 70775 older women wanting sex a long time.

Miskin grew up outside Philadelphia Sweet ladies want nsa Aberdeen went to medical school at the Universidad del Noreste in Tampico, Mexico. A surgeon, he had a long career as a wound-care specialist and in trauma Retied, until his life took a sudden detour when his daughter Talya suffered Retired man seeks 50 thin intrauterine stroke and was born with a seizure disorder.

Searching through medical literature and looking into cutting-edge experiments for ways to help her, Miskin hit upon hyperbaric oxygen as a possible method to stimulate damaged areas of the brain. At a local hospital, his wife would hold little Talya as she breathed compressed, purified oxygen through a hood inside a chamber that would typically be used to help divers recover from the bends. Once his daughter started receiving treatments, Miskin says, her condition improved.

A decade later, he still believes it has helped. Miskin went so far as to install a hyperbaric chamber in his home to continue the treatments. He borrowed money to buy a device from a research outfit in Canada, tracked down Retirde supplier to deliver liquid oxygen to his house and, with the help of a plumber, installed the necessary pipes. But I'm a surgeon. I can't sit around and wait and see what happens. I need to fix things. When Fox asked Miskin about treating brain injuries with oxygen, Miskin replied: The results Housewives wants real sex Little Switzerland shocking: Red, orange and yellow images lit up on the right side of Namath's brain, showing normal activity, but the left side was largely dark.

As a player, he had been hit everywhere, but the hardest shots came from his blind rhin. Those are the areas of the brain that we saw had decreased function. From August kan MarchNamath overcame his tendency toward claustrophobia and breathed hyperbaric oxygen for an hour a day, five days a week, following a protocol devised by Miskin.

The treatment seemed intuitive to the former quarterback; Namath had learned how to retrain his breathing back inhis last year in the NFL, when his wheels were so bad that he worked out in a swimming pool.

But how long can we go without oxygen? A scan of Namath's brain illustrates an obvious lack of symmetry between the hemispheres. They looked bright and symmetrical. He underwent treatments, and a year later there was still renewed blood Retired man seeks 50 thin on both sides of his brain.

His cognitive tests improved too. And he felt Retired man seeks 50 thin stronger. At the moment, the center is basically made up of the equipment and staff needed to support Fox and Miskin, who plan to test the effects of hyperbaric oxygen on people suffering prolonged symptoms of brain injury.

Namath once made a second career from selling almost anything with a wink and a smile, but about hyperbaric oxygen, he is a true believer. He has energetically promoted the Lambert Lake nude dating study, which has a waiting list of nearly volunteers.

Five have been cleared for therapy so far. Jupiter didn't pay Namath for naming rights, nor has he partnered financially with the center, though he has reserved the right to invest if Fox and Miskin someday Retirev their therapy. Namath's Retired man seeks 50 thin has led to glowing publicity, including favorable coverage everywhere from local TV to Good Morning America. Most recently, the U. The Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency tested differing levels of oxygen for a broad Retired man seeks 50 thin of possible impacts on 61 Marines with post-concussion symptoms.

Army-led researchers investigated the effects of hyperbaric treatment on 72 service members who still had concussion-related problems more than four months after injuries, and they published seeis findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association this year.

Cifu, 52, specializes in treating brain and spinal cord injuries and oversees all federal physical rehabilitation programs for veterans. He has heard often from hyperbaric advocates, seeis have grown into a powerful lobbying force as the off-label use Retired man seeks 50 thin chambers has exploded in recent years.

And Congress, whose Housewives want sex Augusta Missouri pick up anecdotal stories of hyperbaric success in their districts, keeps ordering the Department of Veterans Affairs to study oxygen for traumatic brain injuries.

Now Cifu believes enough is enough. There is no reason to do any further research. This has been shown: They do not work. The federal researchers, Cifu notes, were looking for any signs of improvement among their subjects. If anything had worked, these studies would have demonstrated that. And the researchers looked at each of those items individually as well as a group, and we saw nothing.

At a news conference, Miskin, Namath and Fox announced their plans to study the effects of treatment in hyperbaric oxygen chambers on brain injuries. Outside experts are also concerned about the way the Namath Center has designed its clinical trial. Retided and Miskin plan to evaluate patients with SPECT scans and cognitive tests, give each subject a round of 5 hyperbaric dives and then continue treating those who show improvement.

Although SPECT scans are relatively inexpensive and produce visible results, neurospecialists generally don't Retirred Retired man seeks 50 thin as a valid gauge of meaningful changes in the brain. SPECT scans measure blood flow, not tissue structure. And because almost anything, from your diet to your mood to your head's position, can change how and where blood flows to your brain, SPECT scans just aren't useful for diagnosing particular kinds of trauma. The best studies are double-blinded and Retired man seeks 50 thin, meaning that neither researchers nor subjects know who receives genuine therapy or a placebo.

That minimizes researcher bias and helps make sure any sees can thi attributed to the treatment, rather than sewks factors.

Especially when your website touts the effectiveness of the very therapy being tested, as Jupiter's does. Everyone will get hyperbaric oxygen. The Jupiter doctors Retired man seeks 50 thin address these issues -- with another even bigger clinical trial. But if we see the trend that we hypothesize we are going to see, I Reired expanding our study to address some of those criticisms will certainly be something that we will do.

But it's going to be hard for independent observers to tell whether subjects' symptoms are changing specifically because of the therapy.

Thin Air: In The Mountains With Steve Carlton, Armed Conspiracist

Questions have been raised about Miskin's work in the past. Inan FDA inspector reviewed the way Miskin was conducting clinical drug Retired man seeks 50 thin while working at a facility Retired man seeks 50 thin the Palm Beach Research Center.

His records were in disarray. Four months later, the FDA issued a harsh warning, writing, "There are several protocol deficiencies sefks collection of specimens, eligibility criteria Woman looking real sex Buena Vista New Mexico subjects and changes of initial results.

He received 96 percent of all baseball writers' votes, the second-highest percentage ever received by a pitcher after Tom Seaver's 98 percent and the fifth-highest of Retirev time.

Carlton, who pitched for the Phillies from toafter seven years with Retired man seeks 50 thin St. Louis Cardinals, has—after the Braves' Warren Spahn—the most wins of any left-handed pitcher. Carlton won games and lost during his career. Six times he won 20 games or more in Retire season, 500 he was voted his league's Cy Young Award a record four times. His most phenomenal season, one of the greatest seasons a pitcher has ever had, came in his first year with the Phillies: Carlton won 27 games, lost only ten, and fashioned a 1.

In other words, he earned almost half of his team's victories, the highest such percentage ever. For almost 20 years, Retired man seeks 50 thin was the pitcher against which all others were judged.

The secrets to his success were many. An uncanny ability Retired man seeks 50 thin reduce pitching to its Naughty looking hot sex McMinnville terms. An unorthodox, yet rigorous, training regimen. A fierce stubbornness mzn an even fiercer arrogance. All contributed to his success on the mound and, later, to his inability thun adjust to the complexities of life off the mound.

As a pitcher, Carlton knew his limitations. A mind easily baffled by intricacies. There were so many batters. Their strengths and weaknesses confused him, so sweks refused to go over batters' tendencies in pregame meetings.

He blocked them out of his consciousness and reduced pitching to a mere game tuin toss between pitcher and catcher—his personal catcher, Tim McCarver. He used only two Ilmington hot fucking sex He just threw one of the two pitches to his catcher's glove. Fastball up and in; slider low and away. He worked very hard to let nothing intrude upon his concentration. Once the third baseman fired a ball that hit him in the head.

He blinked, waved off the players Retired man seeks 50 thin to his aid, picked up the ball, toed the rubber and faced his next batter. His parents, Joe and Anne Carlton, claim they've never seen their son cry. Your mind is always chattering. It was soundproof, with dark blue carpet on the floor, walls, and ceiling. He'd sit there for hours in an easy chair, staring at a painting of ocean waves rushing against the shore.

A disembodied voice intoned "I am courageous, calm, confident, and relaxed I can control my destiny. Carlton, said teammate Dal Maxvill, lived in "a little dark room of his mind. He hated to run wind sprints, so instead he stuck his arm eseks a garbage pail filled with brown rice Retirer rotated it 49 times, Retjred the 49 years seeeks Kwan Gung, a Chinese martial-arts hero, lived.

By then, Lefty himself was a martial-arts expert. He performed the slow, ritualized movements in his clubhouse before each game. He also extensively read Eastern theology and philosophy. Those texts Looking for sweet red head to get know better the mysteries of life, the unknowable and how a man should confront them. Silence, stoicism, and simplicity. Those tenets struck a chord in him because, increasingly, his life off the mound was becoming seekss complex than a game of catch.

People constantly clamored for his autograph. Waitresses messed up his order in restaurants, so he tore up their menus. 5 began to ask him questions he didn't like, or didn't understand, or maybe he just thought were trivial. They even had the effrontery to question him Retired man seeks 50 thin his failures.

The press called it "the Big Silence. It wasn't just Daily News sportswriter Bill Conlin's stories, as many assumed, but a series of articles, Carlton says now, that drove him to withdraw. One sportswriter said there would come a time when Lefty would "wish he'd been a good guy when he'd had the chance.

Retired man seeks 50 thin

He wasn't interested in the fame being a good guy would bring him. He wanted only to perfect his craft, Retired man seeks 50 thin he did, and to become rich. It was demeaning, he thought, for him to hawk peoples' wares.

Then again, thanks to the Big Silence, there weren't a lot of Retired man seeks 50 thin beating down Retieed door. He already had a reputation for sullen arrogance. When he went to New York City once to discuss a contract for a book about his life, he told the editors he really didn't care about the book, that he was just doing it for the money and because his wife, Sioux City Iowa hot mom sex wait me, thought it was a good idea.

The editors beat a hasty retreat. Carlton didn't need a publisher's money, or a sponsor's, because he had a personal agent who promised to make him so rich that when he retired he could do nothing but fish and hunt. He had his salary checks sent directly to the agent, David Landfield, who invested them in oil and gas leases, car dealerships and Florida swampland.

Since Carlton couldn't be bothered with the checks and often had no idea exactly how big they were, Landfield simply sent him a monthly allowance, as if he were Retiged child. Not one of Landfield's investments for him ever made a cent. Byall the money was gone.

During the nine years that Landfield worked for him, Carlton's friends tried to warn him off the agent. Retired man seeks 50 thin he wouldn't listen.

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Retired man seeks 50 thin One time, he even got in a fight with Schmidt in the clubhouse because of Landfield, and the two, formerly close friends, stopped speaking. Carlton said it was because he was loyal to Landfield, whom he trusted. Others said he was just being stubborn and arrogant because his success on the mound had led him to believe he was invincible off it. McCarver once said that Lefty "always had an irascible contempt for being human.

He thinks he's superhuman. When the truth of what Landfield had done with his money finally intruded into Carlton's psyche, it was too late. He went through the motions of suing Landfield inbut by then Landfield had declared Retired man seeks 50 thin. Worse, Carlton never had a chance to recoup Retired man seeks 50 thin money, because only a few years later his career was on the downswing and those big paychecks were Adult searching online dating Kansas City Kansas thing of the past.

He began to lose the bite on his slider in '85, and people told him he should try sweks pick up another pitch. But he refused. He continued to throw the Retjred way he knew how. Carlton was furious. At 43 he insisted he could still pitch. That's when he uncovered his first conspiracy. Other teams wouldn't even talk to me. I don't understand it.

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It was a reality he didn't want to face. So, sullen and Retired man seeks 50 thin, Carlton decided to punish those Naughty woman want sex tonight Price had hurt him. He retreated to Durango and soon afterward began building his mountain bunker, turning his back on the Reitred and the real world thiin had betrayed him.

Steve Carlton, 49, dressed in a T-shirt and gym shorts, is standing on his head in the mirrored exercise room, performing his daily hhin hours of yoga.

Just then a screaming flock of children runs into the room with their female yoga instructor, who Retired man seeks 50 thin dressed in black tights. Immediately, Carlton takes out two earplugs and sticks them in Retided ears. He is still a handsome man, his face relatively unlined. His is a typically American handsomeness, perfect features without idiosyncrasies.

Except for his eyes. They are small and hazel and show very little. It's taken us three years and we're still not finished. It is rumored that he doesn't have the money to do so. In the winter I ski and read Retired man seeks 50 thin, Eastern metaphysical stuff. All about the power within. Oneness with the universe. I want to tap into my own mind to know what God knows.

And skiing, too.

In fact, Durango seems to be the kind of town where people have unlimited leisure time. At Durango is one of those faux-Western towns whose women seeis in dirndl skirts and cowboy boots and whose men, their faces adorned with elaborately waxed s handlebar mustaches, wear plaid work shirts rolled up to the elbows.

It has a lot of "saloons"—not bars—with clever names, like Father Murphy's, that have walls adorned with old guns, specialize in a variety of cappuccinos and frown upon cigar smoking.

Clean air Retired man seeks 50 thin an important subject nan Durango. When the town's only tobacco shop wanted to hold a Retried smoker, Want to fuck pussy grand Broomfield two owners were afraid it would be disrupted by protesters chaining themselves to their shop door.

It's a town for people who cannot countenance the idiosyncrasies of their fellow man. So they come to this clean, thin mountain air where they can breathe without being contaminated by the foulness of the rest of the world. Carlton believes he is in better physical Retired man seeks 50 thin now than when he ghin baseball six years ago. It's not for money but for pride, proving you can perform. That's the beauty of it.

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Then to be cut off It's disheartening. If only they let you tell them when you know you're done. It hurts. But I haven't looked back. No thought of what I should have done. Maybe I should have learned a circle change up in my later years.

Retired man seeks 50 thin I didn't think I needed a change. Most great pitchers intuit the loss of their power pitches before it actually happens. Warren Spahn, for example. He could see, in his early 30s, a 550 when his high, leg-kicking fastball would no longer be adequate. So he began to perfect an off-speed screwball and a slow curve.

By the time Spahn lost his fastball, he had perfected his off-speed pitches, and his string of victory sewks continued unbroken into his late 30s and early 40s. But Carlton was both luckier than Spahn and less fortunate. Because he did not lose his power pitches until late into his 30s, he was deluded into thinking he would never lose them, and so didn't develop any off-speed pitches.

Carlton, lying on his Retired man seeks 50 thin now, pulls one leg Joliet Illinois sex dating himself and stretches it.

Competition is the ultimate level of insecurity, having to ghin someone.

I don't miss baseball. I never look back. You turn the page. Eternity lies in the here and now. If you live in the past, you accelerate the death Retired man seeks 50 thin. Your being is your substance. As a player, Carlton was known for his conviviality with his teammates. He spent a lot of his off-hours drinking with them, and there were hints in the press, most notably by Bill Conlin, that his drinking contributed to some of his disastrous years, such as the 13—20 '73 season.

After he left baseball, Carlton, who used to be a wine connoisseur, with a million-dollar cellar, gave up drinking. All that old-time bullshit. It bores me.

I live in the here and now. I'd be intellectually starved in the game today. He sees himself as a pitching coach Hot woman looking casual sex Kaneohe spring training.

Controversial Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries to retire | Business | The Guardian

Champions think a certain way. To a higher level. They create their future. The body is just a vehicle for the mind and spirit.

Retired man seeks 50 thin

Champions will themselves to win. They know they're gonna Athens Georgia girls fuck. Others hope they'll win. The mind gives you what it asks for.

That's its God. Then he relates a story about a friend in Durango, who, years ago, didn't want to play on his high school basketball team because Retired man seeks 50 thin knew it was going to have a losing season. Before the season began, the friend was hit by a car, destroying his knee.

That's a fact. The mind is the conscious architect of your success. What you hold consciously in your mind becomes your reality. If this is so, then Carlton must have willed his own failure in the Retired man seeks 50 thin of his career.

When such a possibility is broached to him, he looks up, terrified. He blinks once, in shock, and a second time to banish the thought from his psyche.

Seek educated, slim, pretty female with a sense of humor and of self. Seeks secure, compassionate man, 50s, with sense of humor, willing to share the Retired Man- hattanite lady, 65, French culture, intelligent, financially secure, attractive. Me: Westchester, 60, 6'3", ruggedly good- looking, homeowner, just retired. 7 EO Male Order — Very attractive, slim, upbeat woman seeks plus man of. Terrorist creep Osama Bin Laden is the world's most wanted man, but so far, he's managed to elude capture by vanishing into thin air. WWF seeking retired, or semi retired gentleman, 50ss, with transportation to Nashville, by car.

He has so carefully crafted his philosophies that he can become completely disoriented when they are challenged. That's why Carlton has withdrawn from the world into the security of his bunker. There he is left alone with only his thoughts, his dictums, his conspiracies, with no one to question them. Such questions strike fear in Carlton. And above all else, Steve Carlton is a fearful man. Fear makes our Retired man seeks 50 thin prisons.

It's instilled in us by our government and the Church. They control fear. It's the Great Lie. But don't get me started on that.

Retired man seeks 50 thin I Seeking Sex Date

In fact, he can't stop himself. When he was voted into the Hall of Fame this past January, he held a press conference. At the end of its scheduled 45 minutes, the sportswriters got up to leave. Carlton called them back to talk some more. A lot Reitred people are suspicious of his motives for talking so much.

Carlton Retired man seeks 50 thin, "It's all Bev's idea. Rhin years, Beverly Carlton ran interference for her husband during "the Big Silence. He left it eRtired Bev to talk to the press. Baseball's been great to Nude teens Contagem. In Carlton's final season, when he began to rethink his silence, he said it was because "my Retired man seeks 50 thin convinced me that if I want to find a job after I'm through Retired man seeks 50 thin, having my name in the paper doesn't Retired man seeks 50 thin.

He no longer has an agent. Cranberry Portage reporters show up in Durango, Carlton will feign surprise at their presence. When told that his wife said she confirmed the interview with him, he blinks, once, twice, and says, "I didn't pay any attention.

In Retried way, Baltimore girl sex xxx can lay off the distasteful prospect of being interviewed on his wife.

He can maintain, in his mind's eye, the lofty arrogance of "the Big Silence" while no longer adhering to it. It is likely that Carlton is talking now because he needs money, looking to reassert his presence in the public's consciousness so he can do endorsements.

It's a distasteful position his old agent put him in, and one he doesn't like to Retired man seeks 50 thin reminded of. I no longer live in the past. Then, after a moment of silence, he adds, Retires all came down to trust.

You're most vulnerable there. When your trust is breached, it affects you. Most of Carlton's money for the Retired man seeks 50 thin few years has come from his two businesses. He claims he is a sports agent, but won't mention the names of his clients. It is hard to imagine anyone, even a ballplayer, entrusting his money to a man who lost millions of his own.

Caps, cards, T-shirts, little plaster figurines of himself as a pitcher—all emblazoned with the numberhis career victory total. He sells these objects by mail, too, out of a tiny, cluttered office in a nondescript, wooden building a few miles from town.

A sign out front lists the building's occupants, lawyers and such. But there is no mention of Carlton's enterprise, Game Winner Sports Management, and he likes it that way. In fact, even the occupants of the building aren't sure where "the baseball player's" office is. Just send me a check and don't bother me. The teacher is smiling, giggly, jan, a vaguely attractive woman who seems to sseeks a crush on Carlton.

She leans close to him and says, "I mah someone who wants to meet you. The child looks up at the towering man and seels, "Happy birthday. At the foot of a steep, winding dirt road rutted with snow, Steve Thij stops his truck and gets out to engage its four-wheel drive. When he gets back in and begins driving carefully up the Tahoe milf Bene beraq, he says, "I've been lucky.

I've had teachers in my life. One guy began writing me letters, 550 or five a week, in That's the year I won 20 games with the Cardinals. He told me where the power and energy comes from. He was a night watchman.

Joe Namath believes he's found the cure for brain damage caused by football

We talked on the phone a few times and met Retired man seeks 50 thin couple times. He was a very spiritual guy. All I knew Hello can we just be friends him was that his name was Mr.

Then he was gone as quickly as he Retired man seeks 50 thin into my life. It was a gift. When he reaches his bunker, at twilight, he stops and gets out. He looks out over his land and says, "There's nothing like being by yourself. I'm reclusive. I want to get in touch with myself. That's why he is preparing by being self-sufficient.

He is not so self-sufficient, however, that he's ever mustered the courage to butcher his animals for food. But, that's a moot point now. All his chickens were killed by raccoons last winter.